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alps vol-biv expedition 2014
During the Spring/Summer season of 2014, I will be flying my paraglider across the entire length of the Alps, from Nice to Slovenia, and then back to the starting point in Nice. This massive, solo tri...
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first complete crossing of high sierra
Now, heading west over the Sierra is a serious endeavor no matter where and how you do it. Only one pilot has ever pushed over the High Sierra, and that was Stephan about two years ago. He took a rout...
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new california open distance record
just landed somewhere in the Nevada desert, after completing my longest flight yet. I am so psyched beyond belief, this was a huge goal for me.Launched Walts around nine this morning, and took it up n...
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alps solo vol-biv expedition 2013
In the beginning of August I arrived in Chamonix, France. I had never been there, or anywhere in the Alps before. I had come because I wanted to hike and fly from the west side of the Alps, all the wa...
Duration : Not Available
the dash
An around the world record is the total time for the flight from take-off to landing at the initial departure airport. All ground time is included with the flight time. The current westbound record wa...
Duration : Not Available
solo 2013
At 20 years old, Jack Wiegand is preparing for the flight of his life to break the Guinness World Records™ title, something he has been working toward since his first flight at the age of 13. In May...
Duration : Not Available
apollo 11 f-1 engine recovery
The F-1 rocket engine is still a modern wonder — one and a half million pounds of thrust, 32 million horsepower, and burning 6,000 pounds of rocket grade kerosene and liquid oxygen every second. On ...
Duration : Not Available
adventure namibia
Adventure Namibia was a 2 month expedition through wild untamed desert in Namibia (2003). The purpose of the trip was to enjoy life and to make several flying films, one of which is possibly the first...
Duration : Not Available
coast to coast
The first was to record in writing and on film interesting aspects of an incredible flying journey from the east to the west coast of Africa. The route will follow the winding and sometimes turbulent ...
Duration : Not Available
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Goodwood Revival 2014: Aviation exhibition stars revealed
Think of the Goodwood Revival, and the first image that’ll come to mind will probably be one of the classic racing circuit thronging with shining cars and bikes, and people in period dress. After all, that’s what the Revival i...
Celebrate Flight During National Aviation Week
From traditional to arbitrary, holidays are recognized by bringing people together to celebrate and honor what's most important to them. One of my personal favorites happens annually during the month of August with a week-long tri...
Federal Aviation Administration names VT drone test site
Virginia Tech has been doing research on unmanned drones for years. Wednesday as WDBJ7 New River Valley reporter Orlando Salinas reports, the university took another huge step in that research. Wednesday afternoon, Virginia Tec...
British Paragliding Cup 2014: Comp report
When I took over the running of the BP Cup in 2012 it was my intention to hold the first round the following year on the Isle of Wight to keep things simple. But after several requests to hold this year’s round again on the Isla...
Airport testing new way to avoid deadly bird strikes
When birds and planes collide, the results can be deadly. That’s why airports around the world work hard to keep birds away, even resorting to shooting or poisoning large flocks. One Ohio airport is now experimenting with a ...
Round-the-world pilot back on Scottish soil after 81-day marathon trip
Dave McElroy, from Stirling, passed through 25 countries including Israel, India, Australia, Cuba and the United States during his epic voyage. The 67-year-old completed the final 824-mile hop from Reykjavik to Perth Airport 81...
Boeing betting on tobacco as new aviation fuel source
Boeing is getting into the tobacco business. The airplane maker is part of a joint venture to develop aviation fuel from a new, hybrid tobacco plant. The goal is to cut carbon emissions and reduce the demand for petroleum-based ...
Coast Guard: Wreckage of teen pilot's plane found
The U.S. Coast Guard has found wreckage from an airplane piloted by a teenager who was killed when he crashed during an around-the-world flight, a Coast Guard spokesman said Thursday. ...
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Amelia Earhart to fly around the world again
In 1937, Amelia Mary Earhart disappeared over the Pacific Ocean attempting to circumnavigate the globe. Later this month, Amelia Rose Earhart will try to do what her namesake could not. Despite recently discovering she’s...
WWII Dogfight Evidence Found in Italy
A group of amateur researchers have discovered dramatic evidence for one of World War II's last Curtiss P-40 Warhawk and Luftwaffe's JG 53 “Aces of Spades” dogfights, revealing a forgotten story of courage and survival. The...
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