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The EXPESEARCH Index System is used to locate EQ members with specific expertise and experiences. It also allows members to search for stories written by other members with specific experiences (for example, digging at Tel Dor or climbing Mt. Everest). Finally, it enables members to restrict who can contact them.
Place your resume "on-call" to make yourself available to expeditions, organizations, and other EQ members who are looking for additional team members with specific skills. Registered organizations use the ExpeSearch System to locate qualified employees to work as research assistants, instructors, guides, etc. Journalists and media reps locate experts for interviews. Scientists find volunteers for field research. Members connect, create groups, seek advice, and share their stories and resumes via digital media.

Adventurers, mountaineers, archaeologists, cave explorers, whitewater experts, scuba divers,sailors, journalists, photographers, physicians, scientists, students and others have registered with ExpeditionQuest to connect with like-minded explorers and join expeditions throughout the world.

Ventures are attempting first ascents by fair means, diving for sunken treasure, digging for ancient ruins, attempting world records, searching for endangered species,and circumnavigating the globe. These projects are looking for skilled team members as well as unskilled volunteers who are willing to learn and actively participate.

EQ members can use the ExpeSearch Index System to locate other researchers and adventurers to form an international expeditionary team or get together for a local excursion. Looking for a few local sailors to compete in the race? Try a customized search in your city for a navigator or bowman.
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