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expedition 30 & 31
Expedition 30 begins with the Soyuz TMA-02M undocking in November 2011. Three new crew members will arrive shortly thereafter on Soyuz TMA-03M. The 30th and 31st expeditions aboard the International S...
Duration : Oct 2011 -
expeditions 32,33 & 34
Expedition 32 began with the Soyuz TMA-03M undocking in July 2012. Three new crew members arrived shortly thereafter on Soyuz TMA-05M....
Duration : Jun 2012 -
expedition 35
Expedition 35 will continue to take advantage of the space station\'s unique microgravity environment and expand the scope of research. The crew will perform experiments that cover human research, bio...
Duration : Mar 2013 - May 2014
expedition 36
Expedition 36 will continue to take advantage of the space station\'s unique microgravity environment and expand the scope of research. The crew will perform experiments that cover technology developm...
Duration : May 2013 - May 2013
expedition 37
Expedition 37 includes a variety of research, but several new investigations will focus on human health and human physiology. The crew also will perform experiments that cover technology demonstration...
Duration : Not Available
expedition 38
Expedition 38 includes a variety of research, ranging from protein crystal growth studies and biological studies of plant seedling growth to technology demonstrations that will improve understanding o...
Duration : Oct 2013 - Apr 2014
expedition 39
High definition camera equipment, growing plants in space, and a variety of physical science, biology and biotechnology experiments define the research of Expedition 39. Other investigations include h...
Duration : Mar 2014 - Aug 2014
expedition 40
Expedition 40 will begin in May 2014. The second half of the crew is scheduled to launch in May 2014....
Duration : Apr 2014 - Aug 2014
spacex launch reset for friday
Not Available
Duration : Apr 2014 -
orbital 2 commercial resupply services mission to international space station
Launching from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport at NASA\'s Wallops Flight Facility, Orbital 2 will deliver cargo and crew supplies to the International Space Station....
Duration : Not Available
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Soyuz capsule docks with International Space Station
A Soyuz space capsule carrying astronauts from Russia, Japan and the United States has docked with the International Space Station after a two-day voyage. The docking took place smoothly at 0406 GMT Saturday at a height of 412 kil...
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Planets stripped bare by host stars
Astronomers have defined a class of planet that have had their atmospheres stripped away by their host stars. ...
BBC News | News Front Page | W
Stephen Hawking to Unveil New Space Exploration Project Tuesday
Stephen Hawking will announce a mysterious new space exploration initiative Tuesday, and there's plenty of reason to think it will be a pretty big deal. ...
Ancient Mars bombardment likely enhanced life-supporting habitat
The bombardment of Mars some 4 billion years ago by comets and asteroids as large as West Virginia likely enhanced climate conditions enough to make the planet more conducive to life, at least for a time, says a new study. ...
ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Lost in space? The story of Japan's black hole-hunting 'Hitomi' satellite
Japan's space agency is struggling to reestablish contact with a wayward satellite it launched in February to study black holes...
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Spectacular green comet to light up night sky over the UK this week - here's how to spot it
This week is the best time to spot the glowing green Comet LINEAR as it passes over the northern hemisphere...
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Comet Double-Whammy: A Lesson in Planetary Defense?
We are in the middle of a double comet encounter -- do astronomers view this unprecedented event as a worrying near-miss? Or is it an exciting opportunity to learn more about these mysterious icy objects?...
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Pluto Probably Has an Ocean Under its Surface
NASA's New Horizons probe has revealed geological surprises and a hint of underground ocean on the dwarf planet....
Discovery News - Top Stories
NASA to Discuss Science Launching on Next Commercial Resupply Space Station Flight
NASA is hosting a media teleconference at 1 p.m. EDT Tuesday, March 15, to discuss several science investigations launching on the next Orbital ATK commercial resupply flight to the International Space Station....
NASA Breaking News
Slippery Asteroid Surprises Scientists With Early Earth Flyby
The near-Earth asteroid 2013 TX68 flew by our planet at 8:12 a.m. EST Monday at a distance of about 2.54 million miles (4.09 million kilometers), according to researchers at the Minor Planet Center. ...
Hubble sets new cosmic distance record
The Hubble Space Telescope spies a galaxy that existed more than 13 billion years ago, very close to the dawn of star formation. ...
BBC News | Science & Environme
Scientists tell people not to panic after discovering 100ft-wide asteroid could soon pass close to Earth
The space rock - known as 2013 TX68 - is expected to make its nearest approach to Earth early this month...
mirror.co.uk - Home - News
'Space Archaeologists' Show Spike in Looting at Egypt's Ancient Sites
Scientists used satellite images to monitor pyramids, tombs and buried cities from 2002 to 2013...
Scientific American
Palm-Size Satellites Could Hunt for Alien Worlds
Tiny satellites could hitch a ride into orbit and spot alien worlds from afar. ...
Discovery News - Top Stories
'Space Men:' Ascending to Earth's Deadliest Frontier
In a new PBS documentary, the pioneers of high-altitude exploration are celebrated as the trailblazers before human spaceflight was possible....
Discovery News - Top Stories
'Last Man on the Moon' Shares Astronaut's 'Epic Tale' in New Documentary
As the new documentary 'The Last Man on the Moon' opens, the camera pans across a crowd at a rodeo until it centers on an older man taking his seat. Nothing about the man suggests he is a member of one of the most exclusive frater...
We just found a black hole 21 billion times more massive than the sun
Newly discovered supermassive black hole in galaxy NGC 4889 might be biggest ever found....
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Puzzling asteroid observations explained by destruction of asteroids close to Sun
For two decades it was thought that most near-Earth objects (NEOs) -- asteroids and comets that may pose a hazard to life on Earth -- end their existence in a dramatic final plunge into the Sun. A new study finds instead that most...
ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Antarctic Fungus Survives in Mars-like Conditions
After living for 18 months in a Mars-like environment outside the International Space Station, some Antarctic fungi were still living and dividing when examined by researchers back on Earth....
Discovery News - Top Stories
Asteroid to zoom past Earth in March flyby - but how close will it come?
Is it time to call Bruce Willis? Asteroid 2013 TX68 is on course to pass by Earth in March but Nasa says we shouldn't be worried by fears of Armageddon...
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