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File your Resume online! EQ members may complete the following resume and index forms to make themselves available to requesting expeditions, organizations and other EQ members. Non-members are encouraged to spend a few minutes and tab through the index system to appreciate its depth.

When a search is initiated, the requesting party makes a selection from the general Research, Outdoor and Technical qualifications headings. After choosing the appropriate categories, the searcher is then asked to refine his/her search. (ie: After choosing Mountaineer, Biology, and Foreign Language, the searcher is asked to identify the level of mountaineering expertise, education level, discipline within Biology, and which language . The end result could be a list of members who have climbed over 5,000 meters, have a Masters degree in Zoology, and are fluent in Spanish).

The Expesearch Index System is used for general indexing purposes only. The expertise and experiences you indicate on the form should summarize your qualifications mentioned on your resume. The listed disciplines are not intended to be exhaustive; however this index allows EQ expeditions and members to cross reference your major skills and interests. The form is currently based upon International and U.S. certification programs. Non-U.S. members should choose those U.S. classifications which match their own country's categories as close as possible. We will be adding more International classifications in the future and welcome your ideas. Feel free to E-mail us your suggestions to
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