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NASA | Take a "Swift" Tour of the Andromeda Galaxy
Alone across the Pacific ocean
The Geography of Youth- An Introduction
Weeki Wachee Springs Cave Exploration documentary trailer
Sea Kayaking and Cave Exploring in Thailand
Nasa's Orbiting Carbon Observatory Satellite is destroyed
NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO) blasted off from California's Vand...
Antarctic Walk Environmental Expedition
Trip for the South Pole
Memories of 2008 Kitesled expedition to the frozen sea ice of Hudson bay
What's it like going on a kitesled expedition across a frozen ocean? What a...
In-Port Race 1 Alicante
Watch the start of the action, as we bring you coverage from the first In-P...
AAI's Denali Expedition - The Summit of Denali
A short clip taken from the summit of Denali on one of the American Alpine ...
The Shackleton Crossing of South Georgia (Island)
In 2004, Jake Norton, Dave Hahn, and Dierdre Galbraith led a group of 9 cli...
'The Lettuce Slug'
Archeology at South Ferry
Volcano eruption in Iceland
Flight to South Pole
Flight from McMurdo Station, Antarctica, to the South Pole
Arius3D Scanning of 190 Million Year Old Fossil
Arius3D laser scanning technology was used in the scanning of this 190 mill...
Helium Balloon Flight
In 1997 British balloonist Ian Ashpole ascended 10,000 feet tied to 450 hel...
Roman wreck dive - Archaeology scuba by www.dodoro-divig.com
Roman ship wreck dive, from 2nd century B.C. scuba diving Island Vis, www.d...
Pileated Woodpecker Fledge
A young female Pileated Woodpecker fledges shortly after the brood is fed b...
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Expeditions are on-line from planning stages through completion with abstracts, updates from the field, video and audio, and articles by team members. These projects range from archaeological digs to oceanography, from cave exploration and mountaineering to ocean sailing and polar research.They are serious, goal-oriented projects organized by scientists and adventurers who are copy watches for sale all meeting new challenges and making new discoveries.
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