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Rowing from Home to Home: Episode V
Rowing from Home to Home: Episode II
It Matters-- Florida Hawksbill Project
How We Can Keep Plastic Out of Our Oceans
How the Earth was Made: Sahara
The Beauty of Mes Aynak
SS Federal - First Dive (115m)
The Scott Expedition - Grams
A Tour of the Cryosphere
This animation portrays fluctuations in the cryosphere through observations...
This Week @ NASA 02-17-09
SHUTTLE UPDATE KSC Technicians at the Kennedy Space Center continue pre-l...
Volvo Ocean Race
Life a the extreme
Plate Tectonics - Lesson 4 - Part 3 of 8
Series made in 1976 - Understanding the Earth by TV Ontario The series h...
RebreatherPro.com Tom Iliffe Canary Islands Cave Expedition
Rebreather diver and Texas A&M cave biologist Dr. Tom Iliffe on rebreather ...
Key West: A 5D Mark2 Underwater Video
Neil Holbrook - El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO)
GII Winter Expedition | Dispatch # 2 | Cold acclimatization on Khosar Gang
The Fossils of Inner Space Caverns, Texas
Ernest Lundelius, Professor Emeritus in Vertebrate Paleontology at the Univ...
Andre Spino-Smith on Colorado River, Co
Andre descending Upper Death Rapid on the Colorado River in Colorado.
Wildlife of the Amazon Rainforest (Britannica.com)
The Amazon rainforest is home to a bewildering array of wildlife, including...
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Expeditions are on-line from planning stages through completion with abstracts, updates from the field, video and audio, and articles by team members. These projects range from archaeological digs to oceanography, from cave exploration and mountaineering to ocean sailing and polar research.They are serious, goal-oriented projects organized by scientists and adventurers who are all meeting new challenges and making new discoveries.
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