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Rowing from Home to Home: Episode II
What's On The Other Side Of A Black Hole?
Arctic Fatbike Training Canada
From Tide to TImber
Chasing Rivers, Part I The Colorado
Cave Diving El Toh - Yucatan
High Himalayan Adventures (Kayak Session Short Film of the Year Awards 2013 Entry #19)
Digital Cartography
Exploring Ozone
This short video combines dynamic ozone visualizations with an interview wi...
NOAA Titanic Expedition 2004: Breathtaking Wreck Footage
Breathtaking... Nearly 20 years after first finding the sunken remains of t...
Utah Dinos
Some 93 million years ago, dinosaur-era "sea monsters" swam the seas above ...
K2 Canadian Expedition 2006
Video of photo's taken of 3 month expedition to K2. Visit www.mmxproduction...
Pacaya Volcano
Night views of lava flows in the Pacaya Volcano. This clip includes takes...
Galapagos Hawk Field Research
Field biologist Dave (Gio) Giordano takes you through the steps of catching...
Remotely-operated Altair departs on a joint NOAA/NASA science mission
This 52 second clip shows Altair departing on a joint series of environment...
Paul Dayton renowned oceanographer on Dot Eco Part 1
Stephen Kennedy Smith
Norway On A Shoestring - (Best Short Film of the Year Awards 2012 - Entry #26)
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Expeditions are on-line from planning stages through completion with abstracts, updates from the field, video and audio, and articles by team members. These projects range from archaeological digs to oceanography, from cave exploration and mountaineering to ocean sailing and polar research.They are serious, goal-oriented projects organized by scientists and adventurers who are all meeting new challenges and making new discoveries.
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