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The Last Great Climb - Deleted Scene
Tobias Fahey
The Ocean Row
The Geography of Youth- Part II
X-Ray Magazine Salutes the Ocean Now Expedition with Dr. Enric Sala
National Geographic's Ocean Now Expedition is in motion. Under the directio...
Roving Mars Part 2 - IMAX
Spirit and Opportunity search for evidence of water on Mars.
Building Tiktaalik
University of Chicago fossil preparator, Tyler Keillor, discusses the itera...
Mitch Seavey on the Iditarod trail 2008 1
Mitch Seavey on the Iditarod trail 2008
Arctic expedition begins historic deep dive
The biggest ever Russian polar expedition, "Arctic 2007", hopes to prove th...
3D Dark Matter Map based on COSMOS data.
This is the first time astronomers have created a three—dimensional map o...
Red Sea & Kenya— Lesson 4 Plate Tectonics
Video Short Lesson 4 Plate Tectonics pt 2 - RED SEA AND KENYAthe full lesso...
Ice cave exploration in Antarctica
Three friends explore an ice cave at the King George Island, South Shetland...
Penguins near the South Pole, Antarctic.
Colin Haley in Chamonix
First Descent of the Big River
First Descent of the Big River Kaharangi National Park, New Zealand
Shiny Media talks to Toshiba and David Hempleman-Adams
Kat from Tech Digest talks to Manuel Linneg, head of marketing for Toshiba ...
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Soyuz capsule docks with International Space Station
A Soyuz space capsule carrying astronauts from Russia, Japan and the United States has docked with the International Space Station after a two-day voyage. The docking took place smoothly at 0406 GMT Saturday at a height of 412 ki......
Promiscuity may help some corals survive bleaching events
Researchers have shown for the first time that some corals surviving bleaching events can acquire and host new types of algae from their environment, which may make the coral more heat-tolerant and enhance their recovery. ...
Wolf poaching: Hunters should realize that wolves help ecosystems
Much praise to Op-Ed writer Chase Gunnell for sticking up for the wolves. Here’s a standup a guy I’d rather hunt with than many other hunters I know who regard wolves negatively, thinking they reduce their chance of taking a deer......
Volcanic eruptions: How bubbles lead to disaster
Why are volcanologists interested in vapor bubbles? Because they can accumulate in a magma reservoir underneath a volcano, priming it to explode. Researchers have now discovered how bubbles are able to accumulate in the magma. ......
Visit 7 national parks and monuments in Colorado for free April 16-24
More than 400 national parks and monuments — including four in Colorado — will offer free admission April 16-24 as part of the centennial celebration of the National Park Service. ...
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Bayleys Laser Nationals - Day 3 - Down to the wire on penultimate day https://t.co/HZPtI5sNNP https://t.co/x7ZOTDt4vr
MotherNatureNetwork 2017-01-21 12:38:05
Beautiful morning in Edisto Island, S.C.... https://t.co/rYWybeodQO https://t.co/FYnLWae3m7
Geographical 2017-01-21 12:09:00
This newly discovered species of moth has been named 'Neopalpa donaldtrumpi'. No points for guessing why...… https://t.co/Jj7gPvRekm
Scuba Diving Mag 2017-01-21 11:31:47
RT @sportdiver: How to get prepped for a safe lobster season: https://t.co/rijkIFm32S #scubadiving https://t.co/0HVgZ4AJmA
Sail-World.com 2017-01-21 10:35:27
History repeats as Melbourne to Geelong Race kicks off 2017 FoS https://t.co/W89W93UqFS https://t.co/Gj6WUN4c1g
Sail-World.com 2017-01-21 10:35:26
Farr 40 OD Trophy - Newcastle throws up Day 1 challenges for Farr 40s https://t.co/WUFXqloE4H https://t.co/TxWwRIyRqZ
Cho Oyu and Everest
Chinese have begun issuing permits for expeditions to the North side of Cho Oyu and Everest. Hopefully future expedition teams...
The best places to ski on Earth
It's that time of the year when winter sports enthusiasts dust off their skis and snowboards and get ready to hit the slopes i...
1,000 Feet Down: Man Sets New Deep-Dive Record
An Egyptian man recently took the ultimate plunge for the sake of science. Setting a new Guinness World Record for the deepest...
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Oceans in Crisis: One Woman Will Cross the Pacific to Raise Awareness
Sonya Baumstein has rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, kayaked from Seattle to Juneau, and paddled across the Bering Strait. But now she is in final pr...
TrillionDollarBaby whizzes past Earth
Asteroid 2011 UW-158, an asteroid with 90 million tons of platinum core worth over five trillion dollars, hurtled past earth early Monday morning. Th...
Banks Reopen in Greece After 3-Week Shutdown
Athens: Greek banks reopened today after a shutdown lasting three weeks imposed by the government to avert a crash in the banking system over the cou...
Tahoma Ski
I climbed and skied the Tahoma Glacier with a group of four from Seattle on January 19-21. I wanted to share some conditions information and beta for ...
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