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SS Birchgrove Park 2010
The Last Place on Earth | trailer
2 Boys in a Boat - Atlantic Challenge
In Between Camps
Henges: Stonehenge, Woodhenge, Avebury & Stanton Drew
DESTRUCTIVE HAIL! Video from April 3, 2008 storm chase
Video of destructive hail to the size of baseballs near the town of Henriet...
International Space Station Tour (Part I)
Astronaut Mike Fincke takes you on a tour of the International Space Statio...
First Legal Descent of the Niagara Gorge
The historical footage gives you a view of whitewater kayaking in the early...
Crawling across lead
Mike Horn crawling across a lead on his way to the North Pole. In 2006, Bor...
Volvo Ocean 60's JC
Deep Sea Drilling Vessel CHIKYU Expedition 314-02
Shingu Port, Japan— Sept. 21, 2007—Today, the Nankai Trough Seismogenic...
(Part 2: Cave Friouato, Tazzeka plateau). A documentary of the first speleo...
In the Field: Itasca Biological Station and Laboratories
College of Biological Sciences faculty Jim Cotner and Sehoya Cotner talk ab...
'Lima scabra'
Susan Addy
VIDEO PROFILE: Sam Elias mixed climbing in Colorado
New Zealand aerial survey team - 2007
Airborne Geological Survey
Flight to South Pole
Flight from McMurdo Station, Antarctica, to the South Pole
Paleontology 2008-01-31 Prehistoric crocodile fossil found -
Jan. 31 - Brazilian paleontologists discover fossil of prehistoric crocodil...
Expedition Quest Mobile App
Our Mobile App enables EQ members to search for other local members by combining the ExpeSearch Index System with GPS geo-location. Want to meet or get advice from someone who has climbed, or is hoping to climb Kilimanjaro? Want to organize a local group of kayakers with Class 3 experience to go down the Snake River? Perform a search within a 20 mile radius, check out their qualifications and experiences and send them a message. Get together, share a cup of coffee or a couple of beers and make it happen.
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Soyuz capsule docks with International Space Station
A Soyuz space capsule carrying astronauts from Russia, Japan and the United States has docked with the International Space Station after a two-day voyage. The docking took place smoothly at 0406 GMT Saturday at a height of 412 ki......
Promiscuity may help some corals survive bleaching events
Researchers have shown for the first time that some corals surviving bleaching events can acquire and host new types of algae from their environment, which may make the coral more heat-tolerant and enhance their recovery. ...
Wolf poaching: Hunters should realize that wolves help ecosystems
Much praise to Op-Ed writer Chase Gunnell for sticking up for the wolves. Heres a standup a guy Id rather hunt with than many other hunters I know who regard wolves negatively, thinking they reduce their chance of taking a deer......
Volcanic eruptions: How bubbles lead to disaster
Why are volcanologists interested in vapor bubbles? Because they can accumulate in a magma reservoir underneath a volcano, priming it to explode. Researchers have now discovered how bubbles are able to accumulate in the magma. ......
Visit 7 national parks and monuments in Colorado for free April 16-24
More than 400 national parks and monuments including four in Colorado will offer free admission April 16-24 as part of the centennial celebration of the National Park Service. ...
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NYT Science 2017-02-28 03:30:14
SpaceX says it will send 2 tourists around moon in 2018. They would be first humans to travel that far since 1972. https://t.co/WMjQqrpTlI
Discovery 2017-02-28 03:09:26
RT @FastNLoudTV: You think @RRRawlings is gonna outrace @BigChiefOKC? Vote now: https://t.co/g60qGjKhqx https://t.co/FXBV103IWW
NYT Science 2017-02-28 03:04:11
Life on Mars: Preparing for the Red Planet https://t.co/BVF7w9kzPH
NYT Science 2017-02-28 02:43:04
“As a climate scientist who studies the start of spring, I struggle to answer the question, ‘What is spring?’” https://t.co/tFNXt6u4db
Planet Green 2017-02-28 02:38:02
A haunting discovery: Large Hadron Collider disproves the existence of ghosts https://t.co/KVqqBIRDR9 https://t.co/CS94XduCQK
TreeHugger.com 2017-02-28 02:36:07
Spring into spending more time outdoors with 10 ethically made, eco-friendly backpacks https://t.co/Mz8ZeaILlA https://t.co/OWp9qpcRf4
Cho Oyu and Everest
Chinese have begun issuing permits for expeditions to the North side of Cho Oyu and Everest. Hopefully future expedition teams...
Arctic Archipelagos: Spitsbergen and Franz Josef Land
In the far north of Russia is the icy realm of Franz Josef Land, one of the most remote and raw archipelagos in the world. Dis...
In the far north of Russia is the icy realm of Franz Josef Land, one of the most remote and raw archipelagos in the world. Discovered less than 150 ye
An exploration of historic Canadian and Greenlandic sites in the Arctic, combined with abundant wildlife and Inuit culture equ...
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Oceans in Crisis: One Woman Will Cross the Pacific to Raise Awareness
Sonya Baumstein has rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, kayaked from Seattle to Juneau, and paddled across the Bering Strait. But now she is in final pr...
TrillionDollarBaby whizzes past Earth
Asteroid 2011 UW-158, an asteroid with 90 million tons of platinum core worth over five trillion dollars, hurtled past earth early Monday morning. Th...
Tahoma Ski
I climbed and skied the Tahoma Glacier with a group of four from Seattle on January 19-21. I wanted to share some conditions information and beta for ...
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