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When We Reach the Light Barrier Space Science and Discovery
Arctic Iceland Expedition
Fossil Hunting 101
How the Earth is Made Tsunami
The Beauty of Mes Aynak
The World's Toughest Rowing Race sets off from La Gomera to Barbados: The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge
SeaTalk - Hurricane Research
Delaware Sea Grant researchers are studying how the ocean interacts with th...
Greenland and Climate Change
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Associate Scientist Sarah Das rarely r...
Diving in the Red Sea - Seacology's November 2008 Expedition
Participants of Seacology's cruise in the Red Sea, aboard the Royal Evoluti...
Lance Mackey wins Iditarod 2008
Lance Mackey wins Iditarod 36 2008
Engineering Students Dive into Field Work
Wisconsin Sea Grant Coastal Engineering Specialist Gene Clark describes sl...
Solo Sailing - Marco Nannini qualifies for OSTAR 2009
"It's all about one man, the boat and the sea". Marco Nannini on British Be...
AAI's Denali Expedition - The Summit of Denali
A short clip taken from the summit of Denali on one of the American Alpine ...
Plate Tectonics - Lesson 4 - Part 1 of 8
Series made in 1976 - Understanding the Earth by TV Ontario The series h...
cave diving Lot France 2004
Cave diving, cavediving, Lot, France, 2004
Paradise Found
Students take a trip to the Bahamas to conduct field research in Biology. ...
Mission Update Airborne Sciences
Andre Spino-Smith on Colorado River, Co
Andre descending Upper Death Rapid on the Colorado River in Colorado.
Archaeology at Bet Shemesh, Israel
A video of a dig/field school at Bet Shemesh Israel with comments from stud...
Expedition Quest Mobile App
Our Mobile App enables EQ members to search for other local members by combining the ExpeSearch Index System with GPS geo-location. Want to meet or get advice from someone who has climbed, or is hoping to climb Kilimanjaro? Want to organize a local group of kayakers with Class 3 experience to go down the Snake River? Perform a search within a 20 mile radius, check out their qualifications and experiences and send them a message. Get together, share a cup of coffee or a couple of beers and make it happen.
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