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Round-the-world pilot back on Scottish soil after 81-day marathon trip
11th August, 2014
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Dave McElroy, from Stirling, passed through 25 countries including Israel, India, Australia, Cuba and the United States during his epic voyage.

The 67-year-old completed the final 824-mile hop from Reykjavik to Perth Airport 81 days after setting off, and was welcomed by his dog Oscar.

Mr McElroy, a pilot for more than 45 years, made the flight in support of Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance.

The father of two grown-up sons and former president of the Scottish Aero Club flew a Piper Comanche in the journey – the first time a global aerial circumnavigation has been done from the east of Scotland.

He began his epic trip on May 19, at Scone Airport in Perthshire, and hopes to raise around £150,000.

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