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British Paragliding Cup 2014: Comp report
13th August, 2014
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When I took over the running of the BP Cup in 2012 it was my intention to hold the first round the following year on the Isle of Wight to keep things simple. But after several requests to hold this year’s round again on the Island I conceded. The IOW offers a range of coastal soaring sites and inland sites with all wind directions covered. The weather forecast was promising for the weekend and looked like we would get a mix of inland and coastal flying.

Some people have challenged the idea of coastal sites for competitions and it is probably worth just outlining the aims and objectives of the BP Cup as some may not know what our goals are.

Primarily the BP Cup was set up to introduce pilots to competitive flying and all that is involved with that, i.e. registration, downloading waypoints, briefings, setting up the task on your GPS and flying in a gaggle.

These skills can be learnt on a coastal site or on an inland site and as David Thomson stated he had some of the most enjoyable and challenging flying he has had in a long time.

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