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The first was to record in writing and on film interesting aspects of an incredible flying journey from the east to the west coast of Africa. The route will follow the winding and sometimes turbulent paths of four great rivers - the Zambezi, Chobe, Okavango and Cunene Rivers. Today, as it was since the beginning of time, there are no roads from the one coast to the other - a route that early explorers and traders struggled to establish. Traversing this route can still be undertaken on foot, part of the way by boat or by air. Flying low and slow above the rivers, Olivier and Mike will experience something of what the early explorers did but more so. The second objective - in the centenary year of powered flight, when many people consider flying as an acceptable everyday event, the majority of people in third world countries know very little about aircraft or flying, have not seen a flying machine close-up and obviously have never been for a flight. Olivier and Mike with their unique way of traveling and viewing the world from above, will share the experience of flying with Africans along the way by showing them a short educational film (on a small LCD monitor) about the history of aviation and then taking some of them for a flight. All their joy of experiencing flight will be recorded so that the amazing adventure can be shared with others at home. Africans are interesting, generous and gentle people and it will be a privilege to be able to share a small part of their lives and give something to them – their first flight.
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