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Mt. Kailash and Western Tibet
Covering an area more than twice the size of Germany and larger than the US state of Texas, western Tibet is barren, but is a ruggedly beautiful area that few foreign travelers experience. Western Tibet comprises the 2 large prefectures of Ngari and
Cycling in Tibet
Many people ask if it is possible to cycle in Tibet. Not only is it possible to cycle in Tibet, it has become very popular over the past 10 years. The same travel regulations apply however, if you want to cycle. There is no independent travel and you
The Toby Wallace
The TOBY WALLACE is a light-weight 8 man ocean rowing boat constructed by Woodvale in late 2011 and originally named TITAN. She was been designed to go after and break the “4 minute mile of ocean rowing” and achieve the ATLANTIC SPEED RECORD CROS
n the Arctic, bright summers and dark winters are a fact of life and can lead humans to rely on clocks and routines to tell them when to eat or sleep, but how do animals function under these conditions? Circadian rhythms refer to the \\\"internal bod
Imagine 2013
IMAGINE was a brand new 6 man ocean rowing boat built by Rossiters in Christchurch. The boat and international crew left Puerto Mogan in Gran Canaria on 17 December 2013 at 2206hrs, heading to Barbados. Sadly after 30 hours on the water they had com
Expedition River Rider
Well after a perilous two days at the start of the expedition involving 5 rather frightening capsizes, I began to develop a fear for fast flowing water as due to my habit of jumping into the deep end, I had entered the waters with next to no former k
Sea to Source to Summit
Starting December 2013, I will begin my attempt at the first ever full ascent of Australia\'s longest river. Following in the footsteps of Captain Charles Sturt who was the first to map much of the Murray and Darling river system and recognised as di
Running the Sacred Monkey River
Our goal was an 88-mile long section of the Usumacinta River—“Sacred Monkey River” in Mayan—that is on the Mexico-Guatemala border. The largest river in Mexico, the “Usu” normally runs around 40,000 cubic feet per second in the winter, wh
2,400 miles : 2,400 women
From 7th June 2014, intrepid adventurer Elsa Hammond will row 2,400 miles across the Pacific Ocean. Elsa is dedicating her gruelling challenge to inspirational women around the world – she will make them part of her journey and celebrate them as sh
North Atlantic Row
are a crew of four Icelanders whose goal is to row unsupported from Norway to Iceland, via Scotland (Orkney) and the Faroe Islands in 2013, and then in 2014 to continue on to Greenland and Canada. The route covers some of the most difficult seas in t
New York to Stornoway
The North Atlantic Ocean is one of the most challenging, unpredictable and dangerous bodies of water in the world. I am going to attempt to row solo from New York to Stornoway, on the Isle of Lewis, a total distance of 3400 miles (approx!). Only 10 p
Mini Expedition-Isle of Wight Circumnavigation
It’s a challenging trip to do the 100km in a weekend, involving getting the tides right and at this time of year paddling a lot of it in the dark. It’s not all hard slog though, as you do get time to chill out while waiting for the tides to come
Sea Kayak Australia Expediton
On January 12th 2013 I will be launching my Sea Kayak Australia Expedition or S.K.A.E. from Sydney Harbour. Over the next 15 odd months I intend to follow in the paddle strokes of Paul Caffyn, Freya Hoffimeister and Stuart Trueman on a unique Austral
Tasmania Circumnagivation 2
On the 26th of December 2012, I left Scotland to head south to the Australian island of Tasmania. Together with Pete Goss ( our aim was to circumnavigate the island starting from Devonport in the North. The trip took 50 days includ
Cuba to Key West Standup
In July of 2014, Ben Friberg will attempt to paddle non-stop from Port Hemmingway, Cuba to Key West, Florida. The channel is 90 miles by the crow’s flight. A support boat will supply nutrition needs and give guidance for potential fastest route. Be
Fiordland Waterfall Expedition
In the southern spring of 2013 a team of 4 kayakers will set out to descend some of New Zealand’s most unexplored rivers and waterfalls in the Fiordland National Park.\"New Zealand is not known for waterfalls as far as kayaking is concerned and thi
The Inuit Sea Ice Use and Occupancy Project
The Inuit Sea Ice Use and Occupancy Project (ISIUOP) builds on previous sea ice research in Nunavut and Nunavik communities (for the past 4 - 8 years), and aims to further document and map local sea ice expertise. Conventional maps show terrestrial
Nunavik Communities and Ice
This project uses both Inuit and scientific knowledge to document the impacts of climate change on winter trail networks that provide access to traditional harvesting grounds and resources in Nunavik. Initial work on related projects has involved int
Snowmass Village
The Snowmass Village site is one of the most significant fossil discoveries in Colorado history. This discovery is very unique because there are no known sites in Colorado, and few in North America, that contain both mammoth and mastodon fossils in o
Project Deep Gold
This expedition is an on going quest and currently active expedition to recover a large cargo of gold coins. This wasn\'t an American merchent ship in route from Europe to America. The Vessel sank in the Atlantic Ocean in in international waters.
Operation Trinidad
This expedition is and ongoing quest and currently active expedition to recover an extremely valuable cargo of rare US pre-civil war gold coins. The vessel sank in the early 1800s and this vessel was an iron hulled vessel. This vessel sank in the Atl
Sunken Treasure from a Shipwreck from the 1500s
Of the few of us who are professionally involved in this industry there are a couple of us who know that somewhere off shore in the vicinity of the Port Saint Lucie Nuclear Power Plant there is a 1500s Shipwreck with a cargo of Sunken Treasure. Sever
Operation Seahorse
This is an ongoing expedition to locate and recover the valuable cargo of a US merchant vessel which sank around 1800. This vessel was in route to a city along the Southeast coast of the United States.
Operation Pirate Treasure
According to legend the pirate, Jose Gaspar, was born in a village near Seville, Spain, in 1756. Supposedly the old records in the Spanish archives state that Jose Gaspar\'s rise in the Navy of His Majesty, King Charles III, was little short of spect
Operation Cold Water
Brad Williamson was recently contacted and his services were retained to locate, identify and recover valuable treasure and artifacts from several vessels. These vessels were in a very remote location outside of the United States in the Northern Hemi
The Lost Sarcophagus
The year is 1838 and the English merchant vessel, Beatrice, set sail from the port Malta in Autumn headed to the port of Liverpool. This vessel was carrying a cargo of valuable treasures and artifacts to the British Museum including the Sarcophagus o
Homer Odyssey
Helmuth Redschlag, Maureen Mall, and Velta Pocs discovered Homer in Ekalaka, MT, Burpee\'s late Cretaceous dig site, in 2005. The organic rich mudstone indicates a flood plain environment, with fine silt and mud at the dig site. By examining microver
Swimming Reptiles Leave Tantalizing Clues
In the Moenkopi and Red Peak Formations of Arizona, Utah, and Wyoming, skeletal remains of the terrestrial reptiles populating the land following the Permian/Triassic extinction are rare. That doesn’t mean they left no trace of their existence, how
Niger 2011
From November 19 – December 23, 2011, Dr. Paul Sereno led an archaeological and paleontological expedition to Niger’s Sahara desert, returning to Gobero, the site of the People of the Green Sahara. The international expedition team included resea
Clash of the Titans
2008, in collaboration with our good friends at the Field Museum in Chicago, we launched a project to identify the dinosaurs that lived and died in between these two well known intervals. Previous hypotheses have suggested that Late Jurassic dinosau
Dino Death Pit
Our team returns to Utah every year to hunt for new dinosaurs. This year we began excavations at an unprecedented dinosaur burial ground in the Cedar Mountain Formation known as the Crystal Geyser Quarry (CGQ). The CGQ is a mass mortality site ento
Paleo Expedition
Paleo Expedition is a unique paleontology field experience for Oklahoma high school students currently enrolled in grades 9, 10 and 11. Space is limited and the application process is competitive. Twelve selected students will begin their 15-day resi
Antarctic Fossils
Much of what we know about the evolution of life on Earth is based on fossils found in the Northern Hemisphere. That is why fossils from Antarctica are so valuable—they fill in gaps in our knowledge by giving us a rare glimpse of long-ago life in s
East Coast Mapping
From May 7-May 22, 2014, NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer will conduct a 16-day mapping expedition beginning in Tampa, Florida, and ending at the ship’s home port of North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Exploratory ocean mapping will occur at all times during
Atlantic Canyons Undersea Mapping 2012
Between February and August 2012, a team of NOAA and external partners will conduct a mapping ‘blitz’ focused on deepwater canyons off the northeastern seaboard. During this this series of five Atlantic Canyons Undersea Mapping Expeditions, scien
Steamship Portland
Fish) searched extensively for the steamship Portland at this and other sites north and east of Cape Cod for the past 15 years. These activities, which included remote sensing with a sidescan sonar as well as using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) t
New England Seamount Chain Exploration
The NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer will conduct seafloor and water column mapping operations in the Western North Atlantic Ocean over a portion of the New England Seamount Chain from June 11-29, 2013. Seafloor bathymetry and acoustic backscatter data as
Kicking the Tires
Between March 18, 2013, and April 5, 2013, NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer will be conducting mapping operations within the Western North Atlantic Ocean, between Rhode Island and the U.S.-Canadian territorial boundary, as part of the annual ship shakedown
Exploration of the Gulf of Mexico 2014
From April 10 to May 1, a team of scientists and technicians both at-sea and on shore will conduct exploratory investigations on the diversity and distribution of deep-sea habitats and marine life in the Gulf of Mexico basin. The 59-day expedition, o
Gulf of Mexico 2014: Leg 2 (Mapping)
On March 19, 2014, the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer will sail out of Galveston, Texas, to conduct exploratory seafloor and water column mapping in the areas south and southeast of Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary (FGBNMS), located in the n
Cannibalism in Giant Tyrannosaurs
This is the key question we hope to answer with this study. This project is to fund research into a skull of the carnivorous dinosaur Daspletosaurus (a close relative of Tyrannosaurus) which shows traces of biting from another, large carnivore, most
Leaves in stone: does decay control the fossil record?
Plant fossils provide a record of the terrestrial ecosystem for the past 400 million years, but we do not fully understand the biases that are introduced during their formation. This project will explore how different groups of plants (e.g. flowering
A fossil leaf site west of Ellensburg: part of the Ellensburg Flora? Or its own thing?
An ash-laden fossil leaf deposit in Central Washington assigned to the Ellensburg Flora (12 to 10 million years old) is part of a transported landslide block that cannot be correlated with certainty. Some of the leaves found are unusual and not typic
Proyecto Dinosaurios
The main goals of “Proyecto Dinosaurios” are to: Expose minority (primarily Hispanic) American students to academic activities of graduate students, professional paleontologists, and supporting staff. Help students recognize career and schooling
Discovery Park
Test expedition
Adventure Namibia
Adventure Namibia was a 2 month expedition through wild untamed desert in Namibia (2003). The purpose of the trip was to enjoy life and to make several flying films, one of which is possibly the first ever art fiction picture with trike flying as a m
expedition Overlands Alaska/Yukon Ep. 1
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