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The Open Passage Expedition
This voyage of modern-day adventure and discovery took place on the Silent Sound, a 40-foot cutter-rig sloop. She has since been sold and now lives on Canada\'s East Coast. This voyage thrust the crew into raging Arctic storms and past hulking iceber
Tar Pit: Project 23
In 2006, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) began work on a new underground parking garage. During the course of construction, 16 new fossil deposits were discovered, including the semi-articulated, largely complete skeleton of an adult mam
York University Exploration in Montenegro
For the past few years a team of students and graduates from York University Cave and Pothole Club have been running an expedition to the the mountains of Durmitor, Montenegro. This limestone massif is located in the North of the country near the Bos
Explorations in the Picos de Europa
For several decades people have been exploring the potholes of the Picos de Europa in northern Spain. This region has been uplifted and eroded to form a limestone mountain range stretching to 2700m above sea level. The Picos are divided into three ra
The story behind Phantom Cave, the Deepest Underwater Cave in the USA
Deep in the west Texas desert lies Phantom Springs Cave. Exploration divers there hit a record depth of 462 ffw / 140.8 m, making it the deepest underwater cave system in the United States! The team also set up sediment traps, collected water quali
Granite bedrock and sequoia forests
Bedrock influences forests—and the landscapes of which they are a part—more than was thought, according to researchers funded through the National Science Foundation (NSF) Critical Zone Observatories (CZO) network. The scientists investigated the
Teen World Flight
I took off from Wollongong, Australia on June 30 in a bid to complete an eastbound circumnavigation - A World Record Attempt Flight Around the World. At age 19 I aim to become the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world, taking the title from Ame
Solo 2013
At 20 years old, Jack Wiegand is preparing for the flight of his life to break the Guinness World Records™ title, something he has been working toward since his first flight at the age of 13. In May 2013, this record-breaking journey will take him
The Dash
An around the world record is the total time for the flight from take-off to landing at the initial departure airport. All ground time is included with the flight time. The current westbound record was set in May 1988 in a Beechcraft Bonanza and is 5
ALS World Flight
The overall route has been developed for this almost 18 month-long trip. The exact dates will remain somewhat flexible. A spreadsheet with the major stops, flight legs and flight times is shown at the bottom of this page. The overview is as follows:
Solo Flight Around the World
The ultimate goal is to fly around the world in about 60 days. A lot of elements will have an effect on the actual time it will take to complete the journey. The type of airplane that I will be flying, and the ultimately, the weather, will have the
galgotias university project
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Come Fly with Carol
Carol Vorderman is to fly Amelia Earhart’s planned route, but Carol will fly solo in her single engined aircraft including overflying the now uninhabited and overgrown Howland Island (just over 1 mile long and only 6 feet high). This is a 29,000 mi
Flying for Heroes
The wounded service personnel will attempt the 1000km flight across Kenya on Para-trikes. A phenomenal and grueling distance to cover in a Para-trike, the pilots will battle the dramatic elements, the harsh landscape, their disability and their self-
The Flight 4 Life
In February 2012, Parajet Expedition pilots, Mark Jennings-Bates and Glenn Derouin departed Queensland Australia in an attempt to set a new world record to fly paramotors over 9,000 kilometres in one single expedition. The flight through Australia wa
Polar Flight 90
To land the same Cessna 185, N90SN, at both Poles (South Pole 11/22/1999). To demonstrate the applicability, practicality and economy of ski-equipped, single engine aircraft to Polar Science. To ground truth satellite imagery at specific points of la
Skycar Expedition
Many before have attempted the seemingly impossible task of building a practical flying car, but still nothing is available on the market. This is now feasible for the first time in aviation history.The Parajet Skycar is the first, two seater, high p
Solar Electric Flight
During the summer of 2009 a team of intrepid pilots embarked on an exciting adventure to raise funds for Ataxia medical research and promote alternative energy as a power source of the future. Starting from Monte-Carlo and covering an estimated 2000k
Journey to Antarctica
Antarctica is the fifth-largest continent (14.4 million km2 / 5.4 million square miles) and is so hostile and remote that it has no indigenous or permanent inhabitants. About 98% of Antarctica is covered by a continental ice sheet of at least around
Mission Everest
The most powerful paramotor engine available was barely producing 30hp and was far too heavy to launch at the desired altitude, so the biggest challenge Gilo faced was designing and manufacturing an engine powerful enough to fly to 30,000ft, yet smal
Arctic Row
We are four explorers raising awareness about the Arctic Ocean by undertaking the first, non-stop, unsupported row across the Arctic Ocean. Our expedition delved into Arctic related issues that effect us all: climate change, energy innovation & envir
Row Zambezi
Poor quality water and sanitation are a major problem in Western Zambia causing unnecessary death, Ill health and restricting development. Village Water has already demonstrated success in addressing these issues and now needs to do more. An intrepid
Endurance Row
The expedition will take place in January/February 2012 – the height of the Austral summer. The Spirit of Shackleton expedition will retrace Shackleton’s escape from Antarctica. Since Shackleton’s time, a passage between Elephant and South Geo
Fat Chance Row
Our rowing starts from California (specifically either from San Francisco or Monterrey) in June 2014 and ends in Honolulu, Hawaii. If we get lucky with the weather and keep enjoying the pain, we should finish in two months. The total straight-line di
Salish Sea Expedition
The ocean rowing crew of the James Robert Hanssen voyaged through the Pacific Northwest’s unpredictable Salish Sea and into the unforgiving Pacific Ocean. The five-person expedition team (Jordan, Greg, Adam, Richard and Markus) spent 20-days in ci
Africa to the Americas
The CWF Africa to the Americas Expedition left Dakar, Senegal on January 23rd 2013 to row unassisted across the Atlantic Ocean on a daring 3,569 nautical mile journey to Miami, USA. Using human power to propel the boat, and solar and wind power to ch
Adventure Mississippi River
Mississippi River (AMR) represents the kickoff to our annual OAR Northwest Education series. AMR will be the flagship expedition, blending real-life adventure with technology to reach students both locally and beyond the Mississippi River watershed.
The May 2007 Expedition
The May 2007 session saw the launch of the St Ann project, being done under NEPA permit. This work will eventually result in a complete inventory and assessment of the caves of the parish. During May 2007, the focus was on the Cave River System, nort
Yax Chen
Located south of Tulum, Yax Chen consists of a number of large cenotes connected by cave passages, forming a chain heading inland. Situated in an area of mangroves and savannah, its water is high in nutrients and tannic acid. Although this reduces
Punta Venado
A group consisting of Alejandro Alvarez, Fred Devos, Chris Le Maillot, Simon Richards and Daniel Riordan spent the first two weeks of December 2004 exploring in Quintana Roo, focusing on the Punta Venado area just south of Playa del Carmen, and on th
Sistema Maya
Looks can often be deceiving. This was the case with the tannic, stagnant pool of water off the coast of Tulum. The entrance was a mere crack - just wide enough for a diver to enter with doubles. Not surprising, no one had dived the cave before.
The Snowy River formation in Fort Stanton Cave
The Snowy River formation, located in a recently discovered passage in Fort Stanton Cave, New Mexico, may be the world’s longest continuous cave deposit. The formation is composed of white calcite that coats the floor of the Snowy River passage, an
An Aussie Goes to Moab
This past week has been a big one for me, and certainly one of great and new experiences. I started the week last Friday when I left Prescott and headed to California to drive the famous Mojave Road. Over the course of two days, I had some great fun
Midnight Sun Expedition
A six week expedition to NW Canada and Alaska. Planned Route: We will take the ferry from Anacortes, Washington to Vancouver Island, British Columbia (BC), Canada and then take the BC Ferry to Prince Rupert, BC where we will spend a couple days explo
Alaska Road Trip – Expedition Overland
The reality based web series follows a group of six overlander’s traveling in two highly outfitted Toyotas, a Land Cruiser and a Tacoma, through remote places of North America, most recently Alaska. This trip is anything but a normal Alaska road t
Maryland to Alaska
At 2:53 PM on Thursday April 19, 2012 I left Westminster, MD and began the 3,500 mile trek across the country. Yes, at the age of 45, I quit my professional career, loaded my 17 year old pickup truck full of camping gear, kayak and clothes, and am o
Gorillas in the Jungle: Bwindi, Uganda
I knew it was a bad idea from the start, but my wife insisted. It is more than three hundred miles from Kampala to the remote corner of the country where the world’s few remaining mountain gorillas survive. The dense mountainous jungle is the spot
Expedition Utah— Relic Run
As you sit in your office staring out the window dreaming of being somewhere, anywhere but here your phone rings. It\'s your boss reminding you that the TPS report is due by noon and he wants to see it at least an hour ahead of that. You mutter as he
Montana/North Dakota
Since 2005, the Yale Peabody Museum’s Division of Vertebrate Paleontology has sent expeditions to North Dakota and Montana to prospect and collect fossils from the end of the “Age of Dinosaurs” and the beginning of the “Age of Mammals.” In
Falcarius Paleobiology Project
We are living through the most exciting period in the history of dinosaur paleontology. More than half of all known dinosaur species were discovered within the past 25 years, including nearly all of the remarkable feathered dinosaur specimens. One
Dinosaur Provincial Park
After 75 million years the skeletal remains of a Daspletosaurus were on the move. On December 13, 2011, the Dinosaur Research Institute arranged for a helicopter to lift a plaster jacket, weighing 350 kg (800 lbs.) out of the badlands of Dinosaur Pro
Paleontology Expeditions
Join the Museum of Western Colorado for half-day paleontological tours, raft trips through the spectacular Ruby Canyon geological area and one-day dinosaur digs. Dig in and see which catch your interest! Both the descriptions and schedule links are i
Alps Vol-Biv Expedition 2014
During the Spring/Summer season of 2014, I will be flying my paraglider across the entire length of the Alps, from Nice to Slovenia, and then back to the starting point in Nice. This massive, solo trip will be the longest ever vol-biv expedition, and
First Complete Crossing of High Sierra
Now, heading west over the Sierra is a serious endeavor no matter where and how you do it. Only one pilot has ever pushed over the High Sierra, and that was Stephan about two years ago. He took a route just to the north of mine, and landed somewhere
New California Open Distance Record
just landed somewhere in the Nevada desert, after completing my longest flight yet. I am so psyched beyond belief, this was a huge goal for me.Launched Walts around nine this morning, and took it up north. I flew up the Sierra for about 90 miles towa
Himalayan Gliding Project
There were few attempts to fly gliders really high in the Himalayas. Powered aircraft did it, paragliders, hanggliders and microlights did. Still, these were exceptional accomplishments. Carefully selected weather. Exceptionally prepared machines. Bi
Alps Solo Vol-Biv Expedition 2013
In the beginning of August I arrived in Chamonix, France. I had never been there, or anywhere in the Alps before. I had come because I wanted to hike and fly from the west side of the Alps, all the way to the eastern end. The rules were simple- hike
Circumnaviation via Bicycle
In August 2013, Dimitri will set off on the next section of his circumnavigation on bicycle from Kharkhorin, Western Mongolia to Western Africa, via China, Kazakhstan and multiple other countries.
USS r-12
June 12, 1943 the USS R-12, she was offshore on a day mission. While on the surface between exercises she was running routine transition procedures, the forward battery compartment began to flood. The collision alarm was sounded and orders were given
Overland from Kangding to Yushu
The 850 kilometer overland journey from Kangding (Dartsedo) to Yushu (Jyekundo) is one of my favorite routes to travel in the Kham region of eastern Tibet. The landscape along the way has just about everything you could ask for: grasslands, snow-capp
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