Virtual - Interactive Expeditions
Jezreel Expedition
We are returning to Jezreel because it is an amazing site with a long history that reflects the rich cultural heritage of the area. Perched on the foothills of the Gilboa mountain range it commands an unparelled view over the valley below. The famous
Dig for Dinosaurs!
If you’re interested in dinosaurs and want to participate in a real dig, this is the trip for you! This week-long session will give you a wide range of experiences in the basic principles and techniques of geology and paleontology. Training and col
Archaeology of the Mongolian Steppe
The Ikh Nart Nature Reserve in Mongolia is a magnificent region of semiarid grasslands and rocky outcrops. For years, Earthwatch teams have worked to study and conserve the area’s wildlife. Under the overall direction of Gana Wingard and in collabo
Unearthing Ancient History in Tuscany
Help excavate, study, and conserve the ancient seaside city of Populonia, an ancient center of metalworking and trade. Your team will focus on two fascinating sites: the almost unexcavated Etruscan cemetery of San Cerbone and the early Roman section
Uncovering the Mysteries of Ancient Colorado
Around the globe, humans made a critical transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture. This radical change set in motion many transformations in human population size, social organization, and human–environmental relationships. The reasons
Mammoth Graveyard in South Dakota
When a construction crew bulldozed over land in Hot Springs, South Dakota, in 1974, they were stunned to find a mass gravesite for Columbian mammoths, a species that lived in North America until about 11,000 years ago. Dr. Larry Agenbroad stepped in
Excavating the Roman Empire in Britain - Weekender
Arbeia, the Roman fort overlooking the River Tyne and its harbor, was one of the largest and busiest supply depots in the northern Roman Empire. Hadrian’s Wall, just four miles (6.4 kilometers) from Arbeia, marks the boundary of the empire. Beyond
Encountering the Prehistoric People of New Mexico
Obsidian: people used this gleaming black rock for centuries to make arrowheads, knives, and other essential tools. On this expedition, you’ll help archaeologists investigate prehistoric obsidian quarries in New Mexico’s stunning and remote Valle
Human Origins: Southwest France and Northern Spain
Trace the footsteps of early humans as we explore the cradles of prehistoric civilization in southwest France and on Spain’s northern coast. On an expedition designed with the help of paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson, examine remarkably sophisti
Atmospheric Conditions and Arctic Climate
Aerosols are small, solid, particles like dust, smoke, and smog which are suspended in the air. Aerosols are generated by a variety of natural and man-made sources such as fossil fuel combustion, forest fires, and dust storms. Because aerosols have t
2013 J2 Expedition
On March 13 Marcin Gala and Phil Short cracked Sump 4 in J2. They had been underground for 15 days when the first exploration dive took place. Approximately 150 meters into the dive they had to repair a broken guide line laid by Jose Morales in 2009
Call of the Abyss 2013: Expedition to the World’s Deepest Caves
The Ukrainian Speleological Association is accepting applications from cavers interested in participating in 2013 Call of the Abyss project, an ongoing international expedition to visit the world’s deepest caves in the Arabika Massif of Abkhazia.\r
The Archaeology of Inundated Late Pleistocene Landscapes in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico
In the fall of 1807, U.S. President Thomas Jefferson dispatched William Clark to the fossil quarry at Big Bone Lick in Kentucky to collect, if possible, a complete mastodon skeleton. This unusual mission proved to be eminently successful and resulted
The vast Muslim cemeteries of Cairo, sometimes called the “City of the Dead” are a unique urban environment that includes valuable mediaeval architectural monuments and living communities that practice traditional crafts. As part of the conserva
he Yangguanzhai Neolithic site in the Wei River Valley was discovered in 2004. Located in the area from which the earliest Chinese dynasties emerged, the site contains rich deposits of Neolithic houses, storage pits, ceramic kilns, children’s buria
Okeanos Explorer: A New Paradigm for Exploration
During the month of August, OE and IFE will engage in two efforts that will help us finalize plans for the Okeanos Explorer\\\'s inaugural year. First, we will revisit the Aegean and Black seas to further explore the natural environment and to search
Xtreme Everest
Xtreme Everest is a dedicated team of intensive care doctors, nurses and scientists. They conduct experiments on themselves and other volunteers at high altitude in order to develop novel therapies to improve the survival rates of their patients. Bec
The Greenland Glacier Expedition
Greenland—the world’s largest island—is also home to one of the world’s largest ice sheets (after Antarctica). If Greenland’s two-mile-thick ice sheet melts completely, it would ultimately raise global sea level by 23 feet (7 meters), drown
Dive & Discover Expedition 11
For the first time in the history of humankind, a scientific team—using unique underwater and under-ice vehicles—will attempt to reach the bottom of the Arctic Ocean to find seafloor hydrothermal vents. Join Expedition 11 this summer on a potenti
Search for the Slave Ship Trouvadore 2008 and the US Navy Ships Chippewa and Onkahey:
Building on the success of previous field seasons, we are expanding the Search for the Slave Ship Trouvadore expedition’s mission for 2008. We will include excavation on the wooden wreck thought to be Trouvadore and we will also search for the U.S.
Pole of Cold
The Pole of Cold Expedition is a journey to chase the onset of winter across Europe and Siberia as far as the Pole of Cold, the coldest place in the world outside of Antarctica. Treating winter as a geographical concept, the expedition team will expl
Magnetic North Pole Solo
In April 2010, I will be entering the gruelling 350 mile Polar Challenge endurance race from Resolute bay in northern Canada to the Magnetic North Pole. Typically competitors enter in teams of three and initially I had planned to attempt this in a te
The Roof of the World
The Roof of the World expedition will take 6 weeks from June to September 2010 in the Gorno-Badakhshan region of Tajikistan, specifically the High Pamir mountains, fabled by Marco Polo and great British Explorers such as John Wood and Sir Francis You
Expedition Nepal 2010
•To compare the abundance of Apodemus gurkha in natural habitats to that of the distribution in anthropogenically influenced areas •To assess the impact of human activities on the Apodemus gurkha by acknowledging the effect of expanding agricultu
First Female Solo Attempt to the Magnetic North
In March 2010 Christina Franco will return to Canada to have another go at completing the first successful female solo expedition to the North Pole. The 775KM journey from Ward Hunt Island in northern Canada will be undertaken on foot pulling supplie
Biology of Antarctic Fishes
Antarctic icefish are uniquely adapted to life in the extreme conditions of the Southern Ocean. Waters surrounding Antarctica are unlike any other, they are isolated, very cold, have large amounts of dissolved oxygen, and have low numbers of competin
The Lost World Project
The inspiration behind Sir Arthur Conan Doyle\'s adventure novel \"The Lost World\", South America\'s Guiana Shield is home to an extremely rich diversity of plants and animals, most of which is endemic to the region, and contains between 10-15 per c
Austaliasia 3 Peaks Glacier Expedition
This eight-week expedition will take place in November/December 2010. The expedition has three aims: Mountaineering - Become the first person to safely summit the three highest peaks in Australasia in one expedition Scientific - Support ongoing scien
7 Rivers 7 Continents
The 7 rivers, 7 continents project is an endeavour to complete source to sea paddling descents of the longest river on each continent. A combined total distance of some 35 000km (22 000 miles). Amazon River (South America) – 6678 km (4150 miles)
Alpine Club Antarctic Expedition 2010
The Alpine Club Antarctic Expedition sailed to the Antarctic Peninsula aboard Spirit of Sydney, where we climbed a total of eight summits in the area east of the Lemaire Channel, and between Paradise Harbour and Andvord Bay. Five of these were first
Eagles Ski Club Antarctic Expedition 2012
The Eagle Club Antarctic Expedition sailed to the Antarctic Peninsula aboard Spirit of Sydney, where we climbed and skied a total of 13 summits in the area east of Cierva Cove, Paradise Harbour and Anvers Island.
Alpine Club Antarctic Expedition 2013
Our team of 7 mountaineers & ski mountaineers from the Alpine Club has now returned from Antarctica after completing seven ascents of previously unclimbed Antarctic peaks.\r\n \r\nUsing the yacht, ‘Spirit of Sydney’, as we did for the 2010 AC Exp
The Solar Cycle Diaries
Starting on EU Solar Day, 15 May 2009, Susie Wheeldon, Jamie Vining and Iain Henderson set off on their 12,000 mile cycle around the world. Through searing hot deserts, across oceans and over snow-capped mountain ranges, the team have been highlighti
2014 North Pole Expedition
The idea for our journey was born from a true passion for adventure in the purist style. Antarctica is considered the driest, coldest, and windiest continent on the planet. Our goal is to be a part of this challenging and amazing landscape. To live s
Vanishing Arctic: An Environment at Risk
This is primarily an oceanographic expedition. Dr. Pickart is returning to the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska’s North Slope to continue measuring the circulation and water characteristics of the continental shelf and deep ocean. But he has also bro
Full North Pole Expedition
To ski from the Canadian coast to the North Pole is one of the greatest challenges on Earth, and one of the most satisfying accomplishments. Many modern explorers very wisely claim that it is, in fact, the toughest expedition on the planet. PolarExpl
Dogsled Expedition
For the ultimate adventurer, nothing beats a dogsled and ski expedition to the North Pole. For this exceptional adventure we offer both \"last degree\" and \"last two degree\" options. This traditional mode of travel recalls names like Peary, Henson
North Pole Last Degree Ski Expedition
Long days, arduous conditions and difficult terrain. Sound like fun? We think so! Our North Pole Last Degree Expedition is our most popular Polar Expedition and an adventure in every sense of the word. Traveling across the dynamic polar pack ice requ
North Pole Half Degree
PolarExplorers 1/2 Degree ski expedition is perfect for people who like the idea of participating in a North Pole expedition but don\'t have the time or desire to embark in a full last degree expedition. The North Pole Half Degree ski expedition inco
North Pole 10K Expedition
Departing from Longyearbyen, Norway, you\'ll board a charter flight to the Barneo ice station located at approximately 89 degrees north. We\'ll spend one night at the Barneo ice station before taking a helicopter to within striking distance of the No
FULL South Pole Expedition
The Full South Pole Expedition challenges even the most experienced adventurers. Expect driving winds, heavy sleds, eight to ten hours of skiing each day and temperatures plunging well below zero. Expect also pristine wilderness, surreal beauty and t
South Pole Last Degree
Unlike North Pole expeditions, you will traverse terra firma all the way to the South Pole, so to speak. Roughly two miles of ice separates your skis from firm ground (as opposed to the Arctic Icecap where between 0 and about 5 meters of ice floats a
South Pole 20k Ski Expedition
The 20k Ski Expedition is the perfect choice for individuals with busy schedules or those who are not interested in a longer ski expedition. Join us if you feel the urge to explore and revel in one of the world\'s wildest and most beautiful environme
Vinson Massif Mountaineering
Ski to the South Pole and climb one of the Seven Summits in the same month. If you\'re headed to 90 degrees south, you might as well climb Vinson Massif since you\'re in the neighborhood! The peak itself rises 4,897 meters (16,067 feet) above sea lev
Shackleton Mountaineering Crossing
Walk in the footsteps of Ernest Shackleton, relive the final dash of the greatest adventure story ever told and explore one of the most biodiverse environments on the planet. In 1916, after leaving the crew of the Endurance fighting for survival on E
Greenland Icecap Crossing
Our expedition provides seasoned adventurers the chance to cross Greenland\'s inland ice from coast to coast using a route very similar to Fridtjof Nansen\'s first crossing of Greenland in 1888. Traversing this incredible inland icecap with the supp
Greenland Ice Cap Expeditions
Crossing the Greenland ice cap is considered one of the classic Polar expeditions. We follow in the footsteps of Fridjof Nansen, the great Norwegian polar explorer who first crossed the Greenland Ice Cap in 1888. The “inland ice” as the local Gre
Around The Americas
Around the Americas is a 25,000 mile sailing circumnavigation of the American continents with the mission of inspiring, educating, and engaging citizens of the Americas to protect our fragile oceans.
Salish Sea Expeditions
Salish Sea Expeditions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established to provide opportunities for students in grades 5-12 to design and conduct real scientific research on the waters of the Salish Sea and within their local watersheds. For over 1
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