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What's the diving like around the UK?
The UK has some fabulous diving in her seas, not least on the hundreds of wrecks. There is also beautiful marine life and at times stunning visibility. Discover the secret dives of Britain. SCUBA News...
Hubble snaps stunning pics of Veil Nebula
The Veil Nebula, the gorgeous, multicolored remnants of a destroyed star, shimmers in a stunning new image by the Hubble Space Telescope. All MNN Content
The Ice and the Canary: Alpine Climbing in a Changing Climate
The summer of 2015 saw a major heatwave hit the Alps, making climbing conditions difficult and closing the Gouter hut on Mont Blanc for several weeks. Climate change is making such heatwaves more frequent and more severe. This ar UKClimbing.com Articles
Albatross Island: the remote outcrop where conservation counts – in pictures

Off the coast of Tasmania, Australia, lies a small island on which 10,000 rare shy albatross live. Their declining population is a concern for conservationists including Dr Rachael Alderman, who has spent the past week on the i Environment news, comment and

Fossil reveals rodent-like mammal which survived extinction of dinosaurs
Kimbetopsalis simmonsae originated 100 million years before the dinosaurs were killed off and had distinctive sharp teeth. mirror.co.uk - Home - News
City cycle commutes around the world mapped

For the first time, Strava an app best known for letting athletes track and compare their activities has released data that filters commute cycle rides, creating maps that offer an insight into how city-dwellers ride to work. S Latest news and comment from B

Volcanic eruptions affect flow of world's major rivers
Major volcanic eruptions can have a significant effect on the flow of the biggest rivers around the world, research shows. In the first study of its kind, scientists sought to better understand how big volcanic eruptions, which ca ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
SpaceX making enemies fast in Texas town hosting its launches
The residents of a tiny Texas beach town say SpaceX representatives told them recently they would be required to register with the county, wear badges and pass through at least one checkpoint on launch days. The Seattle Times: Home
Environmentalists Praise Wildlife Measures in Trans-Pacific Trade Pact
Provisions of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement would protect wildlife covered by an existing international agreement, and provide for cross-border cooperation on enforcement. NYT > Environment
Marathon Returns to Quake-Hit Everest
Dozens of runners donned snow goggles and braved icy temperatures to participate in the world's highest marathon. Discovery News - Top Stories
Chile to create one of world's largest marine parks around Easter Island

Plans put forward by the local people will ban fishing in over 600,000 sq km of the Pacific ocean

Chile will create one of the world's biggest marine parks around the Pacific waters of Easter Island, president Michelle Ba Environment news, comment and

The Moon landing as you've never seen it before: NASA reveals 8,000 jaw-dropping photos from historic Apollo mission
If you think you've seen every incredible image the Moon landing has to offer, then think again. Over 8,000 stunning high resolution images of the Apollo moon missions have been uploaded to the internet. Called the Project A mirror.co.uk - Home - News
Herbal recipe to treat malaria earns Nobel Prize
China's Youyou Tu received a helping hand from a 3rd century healer in developing a new drug to fight malaria. All MNN Content
Big gulp: feeding strategy of blue whales revealed
The blue whale is the largest creature on Earth and perhaps the biggest that ever lived, so it is no surprise it has a huge appetite. But the strategies this behemoth uses to get enough food has not been well understood - until no SCUBA News...
Dramatic kayak escape caught on camera after boat splits in two on raging river
The entire incident was caught on camera and the volunteers, some of whom are teenagers, have been praised for their brave actions. mirror.co.uk - Home - News
Woolly Mammoth Found by Michigan Farmers
An adult skeleton emerges after university researchers perform an extensive excavation. Discovery News - Top Stories
Signals from empty space
What are the properties of the vacuum, the absolute nothingness? So far, physicists have assumed that it is impossible to directly access the characteristics of the ground state of empty space. Now, a team of physicists has succee ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Supernova 'stream' in lab's sights
A global collaboration will aim to unravel the mysteries of neutrinos - also known as "ghost particles". BBC News | News Front Page | U
'Hidden door' in Tutankhamun's crypt could take archaeologists a step closer to Nefertiti's secret tomb
British Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves has come up with a theory Queen Nefertiti's tomb - which has never been found - could be behind hidden doorways in the boy king's burial chamber. mirror.co.uk - Home - News
Tracking British Columbia's secretive sea wolf
National Geographic photographers reveal their intimate encounters with these unique coastal predators. http://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/animals/stories/tracking-british-columbias-secretive-sea-wolf All MNN Content
4 books to inspire your next hike
These memoirs will set you on trails filled with nature beauty and self-realization. http://www.mnn.com/lifestyle/arts-culture/stories/4-books-inspire-your-next-hike All MNN Content
Virginia Students to Speak Live with Space Station Crew
A group of students from Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax, Virginia, will get the chance to speak with an astronaut who once studied in their classrooms and now is working and living on the International Space Station. NASA Breaking News
When T. Rex Meets Triceratops in the New Dino Hall, It Will Be a Violent Affair
The Natural History Museum's dinosaur display highlights the "red in tooth and claw" nature of the Cretaceous way of life. Science & Nature | Smithsonian
Asteroids found to be the moon's main 'water supply'
Water reserves found on the moon are the result of asteroids acting as 'delivery vehicles' and not of falling comets as was previously thought. Using computer simulation, scientists have discovered that a large asteroid can delive ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Glaciers, volcanoes and hot springs: can I really run across Iceland?
An adventure is finding new places outside your comfort zone. That's why Robbie Britton and James Elson are running 342km across a sub-Arctic moonscape this week. That, and a love of hail

Today is all uphill. Four words you Latest news and comment from B

1500-Year-Old Mosaic Map Found
The artwork shows buildings arranged along a main street of a city. Discovery News - Top Stories
Scientists to 'nudge' asteroid off its path in test run plan for saving the planet from obliteration
A massive asteroid could wipe civilisation off the planet - but these scientists are looking into preventing it from ever happening. mirror.co.uk - Home - News
King Tut's Tomb Reveals Two Secret Chambers
A new inspection of King Tuts tomb suggests there are two hidden rooms. Discovery News - Top Stories
Red Orbit: Archaeologists haul more treasure from famous Antikythera shipwreck
It’s apparently a good time to be a classicist, because besides the rare tomb recently found in Pompeii and the underwater fortified city found off of a Greek beach, marine archaeologists have just recovered more than 50 items o WHOI In The News
The Guardian view on the discovery of liquid water on Mars: cause for great celebration | Editorial
Now the search is on to find living organisms on the red planet. Even traces of primitive microbes would rank among the most important discoveries in history

When ancient explorers set off from home they would follow the water, Science news, comment and anal

Mount Everest climbing ban mooted for elderly and novice climbers to avoid peak becoming 'place of death'
Nepal is considering stopping people from taking on the world's highest peak for safety reasons. mirror.co.uk - Home - News
New dinosaur species discovered on Alaska's North Slope
Museum researchers have described a new species of dinosaur based on fossils excavated from Alaska's North Slope. The world's northernmost dinosaurs lived in darkness for months at a time and probably experienced snow. The three k NSF News From the Field
Rosetta's Comet is Actually 2 Comets Glued Together
Scientists have solved the mystery of why the comet being studied by Europe's Rosetta spacecraft is shaped like a rubber duck -- it started off as two separate comets. Discovery News - Top Stories
Archaeology Subfields
Archaeology has many subfields--including both ways of thinking about archaeology and ways of studying archaeology Uploads from ScienceAtNASA
Rare ‘Supermoon’ Total Lunar Eclipse Thrills Skywatchers Worldwide
Space.com received images from lunar-eclipse observers from across the U.S. and Canada, as well as Mexico, the United Kingdom and elsewhere Scientific American
Park vs. refuge: What's the difference?
There are a lot of national and state wilderness designations. Here's how to tell them apart. All MNN Content
India successfully launches its first space observatory
India successfully launched its first space observatory and six satellites into orbit on Monday, officials said, the latest step forward for a country looking to become a major player in the lucrative space market. The observatory The Seattle Times: Home
NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today's Mars
New findings from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) provide the strongest evidence yet that liquid water flows intermittently on present-day Mars. NASA Breaking News
Planetary Close-Up Reveals Pluto
“What is that?” planetary scientist Barbara Cohen gasped, marvelling at the latest images of Pluto released on September 24. Cohen, of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, is not alone. It is a questi Scientific American
In Search of an Elusive Echidna
Paul Barnes is a fresh-faced PhD student from the Institute of Zoology. He is passionate, well-spoken and has devoted himself to what some people believe is a hopeless cause.Paul hopes to find evidence of, maybe even a living spec EDGE Blog
Cycling across the country is a life-changing experience
Two architects cycle across the country, 40 years apart; much has changed but more has stayed the same. http://www.mnn.com/lifestyle/eco-tourism/blogs/cycling-across-country-life-changing-experience All MNN Content
SciCheck: Carson rewrites laws of thermodynamics
Ben Carson claimed that prevailing theories of how the universe began and how planets and stars formed violate the second law of thermodynamics. His comments represent a misunderstanding of scientific concepts... Philly.com News
NASA to Announce Mars Mystery Solved
NASA will detail a major science finding from the agency's ongoing exploration of Mars during a news briefing at 11:30 a.m. EDT on Monday, Sept. 28 at the James Webb Auditorium at NASA Headquarters in Washington. The event will be NASA Breaking News
Shark attacks in California plunged 90 per cent since 1950s
Swimmers and surfers today are about 90 per cent less likely to be attacked by sharks off California's coast than they were in the 1950s, even though there are hundreds of thousands more people in the water, according to a new stu SCUBA News...
Diving Tenerife and the Canary Islands
Together with their adjacent seamounts, the Canary Islands hold the most diverse elasmobranchs (sharks and rays) community of the whole European Union, with 79 species identified. The angel shark (Squatina squatina), for example, SCUBA News...
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