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Can electric signals in Earths atmosphere predict earthquakes?
Scientists debate forecasting method at recent meeting ScienceNOW
How NASA Is Making 'Star Wars' Real
Humanlike droids, agile spaceships, and stunning views of galaxies far, far away aren't only part of the fictional world of "Star Wars" they also have counterparts in the real world. SPACE.com
Extremely Rare Fishing Snakes Discovered
The little-seen reptiles, native to Andean cloud forests, are still mostly a mystery, scientists say. National Geographic News
King Tut's Wet Nurse May Have Been His Sister
Thew news revives speculation about the identity of the mother of the boy king. Discovery News - Top Stories
Predators key to helping prey evolve with climate change
The key to helping animals evolve quickly in response to climate change could actually be their predators, according to a new study. The study is one of the first to show that species interactions, meaning the way species interact ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
New Dinosaur Had a Sail on Its Back
Spain was once home to a newly discovered toothy dinosaur that sported a sail on its back.< Discovery News - Top Stories
5 fascinating books about science and exploration
These deep reads shine a light on history, science and man's incredible achievements. All MNN Content
Tutankhamuns gold mask back on display in Egypt after beard restoration

Ancient artefact returns to Cairo museum after two months work to fix botched repair that left visible crust of glue

Egypt has put the restored gold mask of Tutankhamun back on display after German experts removed glu Science news, comment and anal

Futuristic Hot Air Balloons Rise In Paris
Orb prototypes floated up to the ceiling of the Grand Palais, where the sun helps keep them aloft. Discovery News - Top Stories
Giant salamander discovered in cave may be 200-years-old
Critically endangered specimen measuring almost five feet long was found lurking in a cave in China. All MNN Content
Dog DNA study reveals the incredible journey of man's best friend

Descended from the grey wolf, domesticated dogs have been companions to humans for about 33,000 years, a genetic study has shown

Man's proverbial first best friend was probably a grey wolf that may have made contact with Latest news and comment from B

Record high Arctic temperatures in 2015 having 'profound effects' on region

Latest Noaa report reveals 2015 temperatures were in some cases 3C above long-term average and 70% of ice pack in March was made of first-year ice

The Arctic experienced record air temperatures and a new low in peak ice e Latest news and comment from B

Unearthing the World of Jesus
Surprising archaeological finds are breaking new ground in our understanding of Jesus time and the revolution he launched 2,000 years ago History & Archaeology | Smiths
Clouds Behind Missing Exoplanet Water Mystery
When it comes to studying planets beyond the solar system, more is indeed merrier, especially when the results clear up a long-standing mystery. Discovery News - Top Stories
Want to be an astronaut? Here's your chance - NASA is looking for applicants
If you've dreamed of being the next Tim Peake, this could be your chance to make it a reality Latest news, breaking news, cu
Scientists Hope to Bring a Galapagos Tortoise Species Back to Life
Close relatives of Lonesome George, who died in 2012, have been found by geneticists who plan to resurrect his species. NYT > Science
Rare elephant species found in war-torn South Sudan
A critically endangered elephant species has been photographed by researchers for the first time in South Sudan, significantly expanding the known range of the animal. But even in these remote central African forests, it faces thr The Seattle Times: Home
The Earth's rotation is slowing down - and here's why
A global sea level rise is slowing the rotation of the planet and causing days to become slightly longer. mirror.co.uk - Home - News
Asteroid impact helped create the birds we know today
Modern birds originated in Southern Hemisphere about 95 million years ago ScienceNOW
Tomb of Suleiman the Magnificent Possibly Found
The long lost tomb of the the longest reigning sultan of the Ottoman Empire may have been found in Hungary. Discovery News - Top Stories
National Parks Plan for a Greener Future
National Geographic News
Researchers confirm original blood vessels in 80 million-year-old fossil
Researchers from North Carolina State University have confirmed that blood vessel-like structures found in an 80 million-year-old hadrosaur fossil are original to the animal, and not biofilm or other contaminants. NSF News From the Field
Can Extinct Giant Tortoises Be Brought Back to Life?
Scientists scrambled across lava-covered slopes on the Galápagos Islands to try to resurrect Lonesome George and another extinct species. Here's how they're planning to bring the giant tortoises back. National Geographic News
Saving Coral Reefs Requires Halting Climate Change
Local conservation efforts are important to restoring and protecting coral reefs. However, if we don't halt climate change those efforts will not be enough to save them. SCUBA News...
Orbit Success! It's a New Dawn for Japan's Venus Mission
After five years of soaring around the solar system Japan's Akatsuki spacecraft has performed the necessary maneuver to enter orbit around Venus! Discovery News - Top Stories
Stonehenge First Built in Wales, Study Claims
Stonehenge may have stood in Wales hundreds of years before it was dismantled and transported to Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. Discovery News - Top Stories
Dinosaurs evolved much faster than previously thought
New dating of their predecessors accelerates their emergence by at least 5 million years ScienceNOW
Milky Way's Giant Black Hole Probed Like Never Before
For the first time ever, astronomers have detected magnetic fields just outside the event horizon the "point of no return" beyond which nothing can escape of the Milky Way's supermassive black hole, which is known as Sagittarius A SPACE.com
NASA Scientists Discuss New Horizons Spacecraft’s Journey Past Pluto


Nearly 200 Cornell students and faculty members gathered in Schwartz Auditorium Wednesday, to hear Cathy Olkin and Ann Harch two lead scientists on NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, whic Stories from The Sun

Wolf population reaches new high at Yellowstone park

Figures show the number of wolves has continued to grow despite efforts to remove the gray wolf from federal protection under Endangered Species Act

The number of wolves in Yellowstone National Park has continued to grow Environment news, comment and

Ancient Rome History Comes Alive With New App
A new app traces your tour of Rome's most ancient highway, offering animated geospecific dramas. Discovery News - Top Stories
Egypt to open museum at Cairo airport to boost tourism
Egypt to open a new museum at Cairo International Airport holding 38 pieces from Egypt's various historical periods in bid to boost transit tourism. Latest news, breaking news, cu
Three New Poisonous Toad Species Found in Brazil
The area where they were discovered has been called an 'incubator' of new life forms. Discovery News - Top Stories
Pingyi Journal: The Murky Origins of the Largest Dinosaur Museum in the World
The Tianyu Museum of Nature's collection is at the center of China's fossil boom, which many critics say has been tainted by counterfeits and trafficking. NYT > Science
Extinct thinking: was the hapless dodo really destined to die out?

New research hints that far from being the greedy, clumsy bird of legend, the dodo was a resilient animal whose demise was caused by an ecological disaster

You Dutch people killed the dodo. And now that they are extinct, Latest news and comment from B

Is this Mars 'alien dome' proof of an ancient civilisation?
Strange photos appear to show a structure on the Red Planet - but is there any truth in this bizarre claim? mirror.co.uk - Home - News
Machu Picchu (Peru)
Machu Picchu lies on a cloud-draped ridge between the two mountain tops, part of the estate of the Inca king Pachacuti, one of the glories of the ancient past of South America. Uploads from ScienceAtNASA
Aliens, horses and nerves: Tim Peake answers pupils' questions about his space mission
Ahead of blast off later this month, we secured a few minutes with astronaut Tim Peake to ask him your students questions. Science news, comment and anal
Sauropod footprint find makes Skye Scotland's largest dinosaur site

Prints the size of dustbin lids discovered by researchers, who say that the tracks were probably created by many dinosaurs over thousands of years

Ancient tracks from sauropods that plodded through a lagoon in the middle Science news, comment and anal

How long it took to travel the world in 1914
Historic map shows how long it would take someone to travel from London to various corners of the British Empire in 1914... Latest news, breaking news, cu
Spaceflight Is Entering a New Golden Age, Says Blue Origin Founder Jeff Bezos
Following the successful landing of a reusable-rocket booster, Jeff Bezos, CEO of the private commercial spaceflight company Blue Origin, told reporters, "We are on the verge of a golden age of space exploration." SPACE.com
Disintegrating Martian moon could become a ring
The de­mise of the moon Pho­bos will oc­cur in an es­ti­mat­ed 20 mil­lion to 40 mil­lion years... World Science
Paleolithic elephant butchering site found in Greece
A new Lower Paleolithic elephant butchering site has been discovered in Megalopolis, Greece. The site has yielded stratified stone artifacts in association with a nearly complete skeleton of Elephas antiquus. ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Tramping under the trees of New Zealand's Mount Aspiring National Park
Situated within New Zealand's Southern Alps, the national park was established in 1964 to protect the region's mountains, river valleys and forests. All MNN Content
How a dying star spreads its seed
Study probes death throes of big suns ScienceNOW
Animal That Survives in Space Has Weird DNA
Just one creature can live in space, and now scientists have found the tardigrade has the highest amount of foreign DNA in its genome. Discovery News - Top Stories
Ancient bibles were made from livestock
Protein analysis debunks earlier hypotheses ScienceNOW
Exotic origins of Roman Londoners revealed by DNA analysis of bones

Museum of London study into skeletal remains of four of the earliest Londoners discovers how they lived - and died

The exotic origins and disastrous teeth of a group of Roman Londoners have been uncovered in Latest news and comment from B

Scientists study conservation easements in the Appalachians
Scientists have recently published a research article that examines the existing distribution of conservation easements in the Appalachian Mountains. The Appalachians, an ancient series of mountains that extends from Alabama to no ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
These are the images and sounds NASA wants aliens to experience first
Contained on the Voyager golden records, now far outside our solar system, are an audio and image collection describing life on Earth. All MNN Content
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