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Could new treatment wipe out cancer?
90 percent of terminally ill cancer patients went into remission after treatment. All MNN Content
Ice sheet modeling of Greenland, Antarctica helps predict sea-level rise
Predicting the expected loss of ice sheet mass is difficult due to the complexity of modeling ice sheet behavior. To better understand this loss, a team of researchers has been improving the reliability and efficiency of computati ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Meet the smallest bird species in the world
The bee hummingbird is so named because it is literally about the size of a bumblebee. All MNN Content
Animals revived after being in a frozen state for over 30 years
Tardigrades (water bears) were successfully revived and reproduced after having been frozen for over 30 years. A moss sample collected in Antarctica in Nov. 1983, stored at -20C, was thawed in May 2014. Two individuals and a separ ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Scientists discover 15-million-year-old plant fossilised in amber
It came from the 'dark side' of the asterid family, belonging to the genus Strychnos which gave rise to some of the world's most lethal substances including strychnine and curare mirror.co.uk - Home - News
Fossils Shed New Light on Human and Gorilla Split
The finding could help resolve a controversy over the continent where the ape and human lineages first evolved, according to researchers Scientific American
Discovery of new iron oxides points to large oxygen source inside Earth
Using a special high-pressure chamber, scientists have discovered two new iron oxides in experiments at DESY's X-ray light source PETRA III and other facilities. The discovery points to a huge, hitherto unknown oxygen source in th ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Ancient Footprints Discovered in Arizona
The 2,500-year-old footprints of a family strolling through a field are evidence of early agriculture Scientific American
Arctic Sea Ice Hits New January Low
The extent of sea ice in winter is diminishing, just as it is in summer Scientific American
Why do ladybugs gather in massive swarms?
These brightly colored beetles come together in huge groups for the winter, but it's not just to cuddle. All MNN Content
Hundreds of manatees congregate in Florida refuge to escape chilly seas
  • Three Sisters Springs closed to swimmers and kayakers
  • 400 of the marine mammals leave Gulf of Mexico to gather in river system

A popular Florida wildlife refuge has been closed to swimmers, thanks to an Environment news, comment and

5 venomous animals that could save your life
These dangerous critters could hold cancer-curing secrets. All MNN Content
Moment scientists reveal major gravitational wave finding
Scientists confirm Albert Einstein's 100-year-old prediction of the existence of gravitational waves was right Latest news, breaking news, cu
Rare bumble bee may be making a comeback in Pacific northwest
Bombus occidentalis used to be the most common bumble bee species in the Pacific Northwest, but in the mid 1990s it became one of the rarest. Now, according to a new article it may be making a comeback. ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Asteroid to zoom past Earth in March flyby - but how close will it come?
Is it time to call Bruce Willis? Asteroid 2013 TX68 is on course to pass by Earth in March but Nasa says we shouldn't be worried by fears of Armageddon Latest news, breaking news, cu
Do bigger brains make smarter carnivores?
A bat-eared fox tries to open a puzzle box during an experiment to test intelligence.

Why do dolphins evolve large brains relative to the size of their bodies, while blue whales and hippos have brains that are relatively small?< NSF News

Climate Central: Warming Waters Linked to Northeast Seagrass Die-offs
Waterways are warming worldwide as oceans absorb most of the energy trapped by greenhouse gas pollution. Changes in ocean circulation triggered by climate change are also washing tropical currents further north along the East Coas WHOI In The News
30 years since Challenger: Teacher-in-Space finalists gather
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Dozens of educators who competed alongside Christa McAuliffe to become the first teacher in space gathered Thursday to remember the seven astronauts who perished aboard Challenger 30 years ago. Denver Post: News: Breaking
'Monster' spider named Cryptomaster Behemoth discovered in US forest
Be afraid, be very afraid. You probably wouldn't want to encounter a terrifying spider named the Cryptomaster Behemoth in a dark and lonely forest Latest news, breaking news, cu
Experience Earth Like an Astronaut: Glittering Blue
A cleverly stitched together set of imagery from Japanese weather satellite Himawari 8 creates a jaw-dropping HD time-lapse of a day-in-the-life of Earth—this is Glittering Blue Scientific American
Sailors 'catastrophe waiting to happen'
Two transatlantic yachtsmen who have called out rescue teams nine times in seven months are a "catastrophe waiting to happen" and should "leave UK waters". BBC News | News Front Page | U
Welcome to the world: New chameleon emerges from wilds of Tanzania
Scientists have discovered a new species of chameleon in Tanzania. ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Doomsday Clock to stay at 3 minutes to midnight as experts warn global catastrophe remains imminent
Scientists have decided to keep the symbolic Doomsday Clock at its current time of 3 minutes to midnight mirror.co.uk - Home - News
Climate change: Ocean warming underestimated
To date, research on the effects of climate change has underestimated the contribution of seawater expansion to sea level rise due to warming of the oceans. A team of researchers has now investigated, using satellite data, that th ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
An ancestor of the rabbit connects Europe and Asia
The species Amphilagus tomidai was recently discovered - an ancestor of the rabbit which lived in present-day Siberia during the Miocene, about 14 million years ago. The discovery of this mammal, belonging to a family which was th ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
The aftermath of 1492: Study shows how Native American depopulation impacted ecology
Among the Pueblo Indians of northern New Mexico, disease didn't break out until nearly a century after their first contact with Europeans, following the establishment of mission churches in the seventeenth century, a team of resea ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Did a 10,000 Year Old Beach Discovery Lead to a...
The bottle gourd was domesticated at least three times, the earliest in Asia, some 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. Uploads from ScienceAtNASA
10,000-Year-Old Massacre Does Not Bolster Claim That War Is Innate
A new report on a massacre of hunter–gatherers in Africa is consistent with the claim that war, far from being an inborn trait that evolved millions of years ago, is a recent cultural invention Scientific American
Solo Antarctic Explorer Dies Just Short of Goal
Even before the 55-year-old former army officer made the agonizing call, his journey was full of harrowing moments. Discovery News - Top Stories
Journey to the Center of Earth
Drill deep into the mysteries of our home planet, from the surface all the way down to the core Science & Nature | Smithsonian
In galaxy clustering, mass may not be the only thing that matters
An international team of researchers has shown that the relationship between galaxy clusters and their surrounding dark matter halo is more complex than previously thought. The researchers' findings are the first to use observatio ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
The Coxless Crew complete 9,200 mile rowing voyage across Pacific, in pictures
In pics: Female adventurers complete 9,200 mile rowing voyage UK news, breaking UK news, lat
Orion the Hunter: Spot Beloved Constellation Overhead Now
Step outside on any evening this month and look toward the south. You will see one of the best-loved constellations, Orion the Hunter, surrounded by a circle of six brilliant stars. SPACE.com
Antarctic Microbes Hold Clue to Earth's Oxygen
Underwater microorganisms found in Antarctica create "oxygen oases" that might give scientists clues about how the planet developed an oxygen-rich atmosphere. SPACE.com
When I Grow Up: Five Lessons Scientists Would Share With Their Younger Selves
What sparked their curiosity, and what experiences threatened to put out that flame? The answers might be somewhat unexpected. Scientific American
Bones of Thomas Becket to return to Canterbury - via Hungary
Relics which escaped Reformation and became a symbol of resistance to Communism return to site of murder after 800 years in gesture of unity between Anglicans and Catholics Latest news, breaking news, cu
Strong Evidence Suggests a Super Earth Lies beyond Pluto
Astronomers have found compelling hints of a huge, unseen world that may reside in the murky reaches of the Kuiper Belt Scientific American
Dragons really did roam Wales: 'Dracoraptor' dinosaur unveiled
Dracopator was a very distant cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex and lived at the very beginning of the Jurassic period, over 200 million years ago Latest news, breaking news, cu
Prehistoric 'war grave' reveals bodies from first ever human massacre
Fossilised bones of 27 hunter-gatherers murdered 10,000 years ago, discovered at Nataruk near Lake Turkana in Kenya Latest news, breaking news, cu
Five planets align in spectacular celestial show
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are visible together in the night sky for the first time since 2005. Latest Science News
DESTINATION GUIDE: 10 Routes to Climb in Chamonix in Winter
Winter Alpinism is cold and serious, and can seem inaccessible. However do not fear! In this article UKC Chief Editor Jack Geldard looks at 10 routes that are well suited to that most masochistic of endeavours... winter Alp UKClimbing.com Articles
Royal Navy ice ship breaks 80-year Antarctica record
HMS Protector became the first Royal Navy vessel to the East Antarctic or sail below 77 degrees latitude since before the Second World War Latest news, breaking news, cu
The Big Search to Find Out Where Dogs Come From
With a major study of ancient bones and DNA, scientists hope to determine where and when dogs first appeared. NYT > Science
Mammoth carcass suggests humans inhabited Arctic 10,000 years earlier than thought
Signs the beasts were attacked with arrows and spears indicate that humans may have lived in Siberia as far back as 45,000 years ago Latest news, breaking news, cu
Meet the conservationists who believe that burning is good for wildlife | George Monbiot

Our national park authorities are vandals and fabulists, inflicting mass destruction on wildlife and habitats, then calling it conservation

At one end of the country, conservation groups are doing all they can to stop th Environment news, comment and

Ancient Stone Tool Find Suggests Mystery Human Species
An unidentified human species inhabited the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia well before Homo sapiens arrived. Discovery News - Top Stories
The Antarctic Ice Sheet may be hiding the world's largest canyon system
Scientists analyzing the subglacial landscape of East Antarctica have discovered hints of a canyon system 600 miles long and half a mile deep. All MNN Content
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Yale astronomers identify new exoplanet

A Yale graduate student working in collaboration with a Yale professor and a researcher at NASA’s Ames Research Ce...-Yale Daily News - Latest Issue

Soyuz capsule docks with International Space Station
A Soyuz space capsule carrying astronauts from Russia, Japan and the United States has docked with the International Spa...-The Seattle Times: Home
Promiscuity may help some corals survive bleaching events
Researchers have shown for the first time that some corals surviving bleaching events can acquire and host new types of ...-ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Wolf poaching: Hunters should realize that wolves help ecosystems
Much praise to Op-Ed writer Chase Gunnell for sticking up for the wolves. Here’s a standup a guy I’d rather hunt with t...-The Seattle Times
Volcanic eruptions: How bubbles lead to disaster
Why are volcanologists interested in vapor bubbles? Because they can accumulate in a magma reservoir underneath a volcan...-ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Visit 7 national parks and monuments in Colorado for free April 16-24
More than 400 national parks and monuments — including four in Colorado — will offer free admission April 16-24 as part...-Denver Post: Outdoors
Gran and dog survived nine days in wild by drinking pond water and eating desert plants
Ann Rodgers, 72, and her pet pooch were eventually found in the White Mountains of Arizona after she wrote "help" on the...-mirror.co.uk - Home - News
Ant Evolves Flashy Way to Beat Desert Heat
A desert ant survives temperatures that can kill other insects and animals with a unique system that is effective, and c...-Discovery News - Top Stories
Bible Was Written Earlier, Ancient Notes Suggest
Ancient correspondence written on pottery shards suggests when and where the earliest texts of the Bible were created....-Discovery News - Top Stories
Planets stripped bare by host stars
Astronomers have defined a class of planet that have had their atmospheres stripped away by their host stars. ...-BBC News | News Front Page | W
Stephen Hawking to Unveil New Space Exploration Project Tuesday
Stephen Hawking will announce a mysterious new space exploration initiative Tuesday, and there's plenty of reason to thi...-SPACE.com
Astronomers discover mysterious alignment of black holes
Deep radio imaging has revealed that supermassive black holes in a region of the distant universe are all spinning out r...-ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Ancient Mars bombardment likely enhanced life-supporting habitat
The bombardment of Mars some 4 billion years ago by comets and asteroids as large as West Virginia likely enhanced clima...-ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
Controversial Dark Matter Claim Faces Ultimate Test
Multiple teams finally have the material they need to repeat an enigmatic experiment...-Scientific American
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