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We’re sailing around the world and we would like you to follow us with this web site and through Google Earth! This isn’t a race, we started in 2009, and don’t expect to finish until 2016, and we are visiting as many places as we can. We have turned our trip into an expedition using Google Earth to research where we are going and to share our experiences. We hope to raise awareness about issues facing our planet, learn about far away places and creatures, and have extensive content published on the Internet so people can follow our experiences. The boat is a 50 foot sailing catamaran called Tahina (see photos) and is owned and sailed by Karen and Frank Taylor. This web site, and the Tahina Expedition Blog, enables you to follow the expedition including why we decided to go, maps showing where we’ve gone, and a wide range of photography. You get to share in our experiences, and learn about some of the most beautiful places in the world. You can see how technology enhances our trip, enables us to share new kinds of information, and makes it possible for us to stay connected with the world.
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