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Caribbean Circumnavigation
In the spring of 2010 we are set to begin an intriguing circumnavigation of the Caribbean basin in three legs. The purpose of this expedition to have fun, sharpen sailing and navigation skills, and to informally document what 's left of working sail in the region. Check the schedule for the specific dates of each leg. Leg one will begin in St. Martin. We 'll sail south to Saba, the island that defies imagination. There 's not much working sail on the island but the culture is one of the most unique in the Caribbean. We 'll continue south to St. Kitts where there are still some West Indian schooners about, and hopefully we 'll be able to track one down. St. Kitts is home to Brimstone Hill, a well-preserved English fort that has been called, the Gibraltar of the Caribbean. Then we 'll sail overnight to Dominica, a lush, undeveloped island. We 'll make our way up the jungle lined Indian River, a beautiful natural preserve. Next point south is St. Lucia, after another overnight sail. Then we press on to Bequia, the heart of the Grenadines. Here we 'll meet with local boat builders, and help launch a local sloop. These are beautiful boats and they help preserve the swift, seaworthy designs that defined many of the Caribbean 's working boats. From Bequia, we 'll make a passage south to Grenada, and then on to Trinidad, the Caribbean 's current sailing center. This leg is 10 days and covers 600 miles.
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