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gulf of mexico 2014: leg 2 (mapping)
On March 19, 2014, the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer will sail out of Galveston, Texas, to conduct exploratory seafloor and water column mapping in the areas south and southeast of Flower Garden Banks Na...
Duration : Mar 2014 - Apr 2014
the inuit sea ice use and occupancy project
The Inuit Sea Ice Use and Occupancy Project (ISIUOP) builds on previous sea ice research in Nunavut and Nunavik communities (for the past 4 - 8 years), and aims to further document and map local sea i...
Duration : Not Available
nunavik communities and ice
This project uses both Inuit and scientific knowledge to document the impacts of climate change on winter trail networks that provide access to traditional harvesting grounds and resources in Nunavik....
Duration : Not Available
cayman islands twilight zone 2007
The words \"coral reef\" and \"sunlight\" are almost synonymous in the world of marine biology. That\'s because most corals exist in an unusual symbiosis with microscopic plants, called zooxanthellae....
Duration : Not Available
stonehaven expeditions: education to the extreme
Stonehaven Expeditions plans and executes thematic, educational expeditions to remote regions, delivering adventure, geographic, cultural, and environmental knowledge to the classroom....
Duration : Oct 2003 - Dec 2003
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'Space Archaeologists' Show Spike in Looting at Egypt's Ancient Sites
Scientists used satellite images to monitor pyramids, tombs and buried cities from 2002 to 2013...
Scientific American
The Woman Who Walked 10,000 Miles (No Exaggeration) in Three Years
A hundred years ago, when Robert Falcon Scott set out for Antarctica on his Terra Nova expedition, his two primary goals were scientific discovery and reaching the geographic South Pole. Arguably, though, Scott was really chasing ...
New atlas shows canyons, lakes and mountains locked under the polar ice
Most atlases don’t bother much with the polar regions. A simple outline of the frozen landmass coloured a nice shade of white usually does the trick. But the new edition of the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World has decided...
Norway's sneaky seismic attack on the Arctic
The Esperanza has been in the Arctic near Svalbard, for a few weeks now and we recently became aware of something urgent and disturbing. A seismic company called Dolphin Geophysical, commissioned by the Norwegian Petroleum Directo...
Geography in the News: The Great Lakes’ Mounting Problems
Recent news about an algae bloom on Lake Erie leading to Toledo, Ohio’s municipal water plants closing is just one of the many problems affecting the Great Lakes. Toledo’s 400,000 people were forced to purchase bottled water for t...
Meltwater from Tibetan glaciers floods pastures
Glaciers are important indicators of climate change. Global warming causes mountain glaciers to melt, which, apart from the shrinking of the Greenlandic and Antarctic ice sheets, is regarded as one of the main causes of the presen...
ScienceDaily: Latest Science N
NASA-USGS Landsat 8 Satellite Pinpoints Coldest Spots on Earth
What is the coldest place on Earth? It is a high ridge in Antarctica on the East Antarctic Plateau where temperatures in several hollows can dip below minus 133.6 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 92 degrees Celsius) on a clear winter nig...
NASA Breaking News
Massive canyon discovered buried under Greenland ice
A vast gorge in the Earth on the same scale as the Grand Canyon lies buried under ice in Greenland, scientists have learned. The massive hidden canyon is at least 466 miles (740km) long and up to 800 metres (2,600ft) deep in pl...
Latest news and comment from B
Grand Canyon of Greenland discovered under ice sheet
The age of discovery isn't over yet. A colossal canyon, the longest on Earth, has just been found under Greenland's ice sheet, scientists announced Thursday in the journal Science. "You think that everything that could be known...
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